Who got 2 hours to spare in the morning to do makeup, right? Definitely not me! Let alone do my skin care routine (cleanse-tone-moisturize-insert-other-things-you-do) religiously! I only get to the cleanse part cos I cannot leave the house with unwashed face.

But baby steps, and slowly I am getting there. I now tone daily (hooray!) and lately, moisturizing too! Only cos I discovered a new way to make things more efficient and thus save time! 

I realized the reason I skip applying moisturizer in the morning is because I hate waiting for it to be absorbed on my face. Usually it takes a full 5 minutes, and a girl who is rushing to go to work ain’t got time for that. 

Easy Morning Skin Care And Makeup Routine

Easy Morning Skin Care And Makeup Routine In Less Than 3 Minutes

All you have to do is combine your moisturizer and BB cream or foundation of choice! I know I can just get tinted moisturizer for this, but for someone who has an extra moisturizer plus foundation / BB cream lying around, unused most of the time, this should do the trick! Plus hey, you can finally empty those tubes, yay! 

Products used: 

  1. The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion
  2. Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream
  3. ELF Stippling brush

How to:

  1. Cleanse and tone. Get your moisturizer and BB cream or foundation. Make sure they have the same texture. 
  2. At the back of your hand, put equal amount of moisturizer and BB cream or foundation.
  3. Mix and apply on your face with a stippling brush. Imagine you are poking your face, that is how you use the stippling brush. This technique makes both creams absorbed by the face more quickly.  

Optional: If you feel sticky after, just set it with a loose foundation. And you’re done! Hello hydrated and glowy face! 

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Up next, I will be showing you how I fix my brows! I have not done my brows yet in the photos above, so yeah, stay tuned for the continuation of this post

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