Give mom some extra love this Mother’s Day, despite the strange circumstances we are all facing. The coronavirus outbreak and lockdown shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the women in our lives – moms, aunts, grandmas, mom friends and all.

Even though malls are closed, spa days can’t be done, and other fancy plans seem impossible, there are still some ways we can make this Mother’s Day meaningful! This is that one day in a year you are allowed to go extra mushy so don’t miss your chance to show mom your appreciation.

I round up 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas that cost below Php 1,000 and don’t require you to go out of the house! And if you’re living away from your mom, I also included some FREE activities you can do together virtually. In the end, remember that it’s not really the material things that matter. Quality time is the best gift you can give mom – not just on Mother’s Day, but on any normal days too.

Wow Your Mom With These 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Trip Planning Tip 1

House Plants

Normally, I’ll give my mom flowers, but it’s hard to find a supplier that can deliver these days. Good thing I came across a better idea – house plants! Most flowers don’t last more than a week, anyway. So plants are great alternative! Shopleaf Plant Studio has a wide array of plants for sale. They have plants as low as Php 200! Better to place an order asap so they can be delivered before Mother’s Day.

Trip Planning Tip 2


Make this special day a little bit sweeter by giving mom some cupcakes! Whip up some badass cupcakes but if you can’t bake for the life of you, don’t fret! Let the experts do it and simply order!

My friend’s sister recently announced that she’s now accepting cupcake orders – and boy am I glad! Finally! I first tasted her cupcakes during my friend’s bridal shower and I super loved them. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, go try it for yourself. Visit Wildberry on Instagram to inquire and order their cupcakes and cheesecakes. I cannot wait for my order to arrive soon! Hihi! 😋 If you order from her, know that you’re supporting a budding mom-preneur! Yay! I’m all about supporting small local biz!

Trip Planning Tip 3

Photo Book

If you’re more artsy crafty, consider creating a scrapbook that contains your favorite family photos. Another alternative is a photo book and this company called Photobook Philippines is a leader in this field. It’s very easy to do – choose a pre-made theme and simply drag and drop your photos, add text and add other visual elements.