Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts to give to your most discerning friends and loved ones? Here’s a roundup of Christmas gift ideas — all under Php 1000!

Plus, you’ll only find local shops on this list! Christmas is the season of gift-giving, and as we shop local we’re also giving a chance for small enterprises and budding entrepreneurs to bounce back from this challenging time. Supporting small, local businesses would also greatly help the economy recover from the pandemic. So really, it’s a win-win for all!

And good news for last-minute Christmas shoppers, every Christmas gift idea on this list is available online! That means no need to rush to the mall to complete your holiday list! Stay safe, and add to cart now!

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Okay, let’s start online shopping now!

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17 Local Christmas Gift Ideas Under Php 1000 for Friends

Trip Planning Tip 1

Alcohol Spray Bottle Keychain

Local Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines
Christmas Gift Idea – Alcohol Spray Bottle Keychain

Times have changed, and now bringing an alcohol or hand sanitizer is an absolute must! Anyone would definitely appreciate anything that could help them live the new normal. So this alcohol spray bottle from Love Your Shape is definitely a great Christmas gift idea! It’s super handy and it even comes with a keychain so you can easily clip it to your bag.

Shop for Alcohol Spray Bottle Keychain from Lazada or Shopee. This shop also sells Alcohol Spray Pen. Perfect for colleagues!

Trip Planning Tip 2

Alcohol Spray Bottle Holder

Since alcohol or hand sanitizers are a must-have when going out these days, why not make them pretty, right?

Knotting Works makes these Handmade Crochet Spray Bottle Holders! Now you can hang your bottles on your bag handles and easily grab them whenever you need to spray for protection.

They have so many colors to choose from to match your recipient’s fave color! Each one comes with a FREE 50ml refillable spray bottle.

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Trip Planning Tip 3

Washable Face Mask

Christmas Gift Idea - Washable Face Mask
Christmas Gift Idea – Washable Face Mask

In these unprecedented times, you can never go wrong by gifting your friends and family with a face mask! Well, unless it’s the boring, ugly ones. Please don’t do that.

These washable art face masks by Atelier POLA are so pretty and functional. Each one is made of 3-ply woven cotton material, breathable, with a built-in pocket for the filter, and with adjustable straps so it can freely hang on your neck when you need to remove it.

They go by the tagline, “Minimalist art, made for you.” So if you’re loved ones are into minimalist designs, this is the perfect mask for them!

Trip Planning Tip 4

Work From Home Clothes

Make work from home life much more comfortable and enjoyable for your go-getter BFFS!

This Basic Work Kit from WFH Shop includes matching Bralettes and Coordinates. They’re available in neutral colors/earth tones.

So whether your friends have Zoom meetings or simply chilling on the couch, they’ll definitely feel great inside and out wearing these!

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Trip Planning Tip 5

Doctor’s PPE Coat

Wearing a PPE or personal protective equipment is a must for extra protection against coronavirus. This could be googles, protective clothing, or other garments or equipment.

Doctors’ PPE Manila makes super-stylish yet functional Doctor’s Coats.

So if you have doctors or nurses or front-liners on your Christmas list, this is the perfect Christmas gift idea for them.

But they’re not just for medical peeps or front-liners! They can also be used by anyone. Especially those working back in the office already. Plus, they can be used as a protective coat if you want to be all covered up for errands.

Trip Planning Tip 6

Handmade Accessories

These beautiful, handcrafted accessories from Amija Collections are perfect for your ultra-stylish friends who like being extra fab during Zoom meetings!

Each piece is made of oven-baked polymer clay, dedication, love, passion, overflowing creativity, sleepless nights, and meticulous hands! And only a few pieces are made!

I purchased some before and made an unboxing video here.

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Trip Planning Tip 7


Here’s a thoughtful gift for your journal-loving besties! Give the gift of mindfulness, presence, connection, positivity, and purpose with The Sunday Night Journal by Your Heart Crafted Life.

This helps create a weekly ritual to connect with oneself, reflect on things in life, and set meaningful priorities. How? There are weekly prompts that you need to ponder on and answer.

I bought their Volume 2 from last year. And this year they released Volume 3 and made the journaling experience more interactive and fun through the use of washi tapes for the prompts and to decorate the pages.

Trip Planning Tip 8

Dried Flowers

Spruce up your friend’s or sister’s WFH workspace by giving them dried flowers!

A quick search on Instagram will give you hundreds of sellers, but I personally tried and love FIORI by Shanelle.

They accept custom-made so you can request any preserved and dried flower arrangements you want.

What I like about them is that they have reasonable prices, easy to talk to, and they deliver on time. I even asked them if they can deliver my orders in advance, and they accommodated my rush request!

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Tip 9

House Plants

For the plantita and plantito in your list, surely another plant would make them super happy, right?

Share the love and help them grow their plant collection. You can find different beautiful succulent plants from Succulents PH!

In case you don’t have a green thumb, here are 5 Things You Need To Know About Succulent Plants.

Tip 10

Scented Candles

Local Christmas Gift Ideas Candles
Christmas Gift Idea – Scented Candles

Here’s another excellent Christmas gift idea for your WFH best buds — scented candles from Izla Lifestyle.

Scented candles help create a cozy, inspiring workplace that they would actually love working at. They’re definitely work from home essentials!

Plus, they can light one up if they need to destress and relax. Certain scents can do wonders for one’s mood — like chamomile and lavender.

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Homemade Peanut Butter

Give this Homemade Peanut Butter by The Fat Guys to that friend of yours who always loves snacking!

The Fat Guys originated from Cebu, but Nimi Philippines is their official reseller here in Manila.

Now your friends can enjoy guilt-free snacking as there are no artificial flavors added (and homemade ones are always better than commercial ones). They can spread this thick, creamy, buttery goodness on their choice of bread or eat a spoonful on its own.

They’re so good, I swear! I repurchased already so I’ll have some stash for the holidays.

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Gourmet Spanish Style Sardines

Spanish sardines should definitely be a staple on anyone’s pantry! They can be used in many different ways — for pasta, sandwich, or topped on hot rice!

These gourmet Spanish style sardines from Cucina Cinco are so delicious! Just the right amount of saltiness, the kind that is not so overpowering.

They have bundles that come in holiday packaging, so they’re an excellent Christmas gift idea for loved ones!

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Homemade Desserts

Homemade desserts are the perfect Christmas gift idea for anyone who loves sweets! Wildberry Manila specializes in cupcakes, cheesecakes, and tiramisu.

They’re my go-to when I need to surprise someone with a sweet treat or cake during this pandemic. Pictured above are my latest order from them — strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu. Yum! Super worth it (and worth the calories too, hehe).

Coffee Drips

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for your workaholic friend? Why not give them some dose of coffee to keep them on top of their A-game?

This coffee drip set from Sip N Chug PH is available in different flavors — Arabica, Barako, Robusta, Excelsa.

What’s great about coffee drips is that it makes brewing your coffee so easy! There’s no need for coffee makers, french presses, or any coffee equipment.

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Native Finds

This Christmas gift idea is for the #TitasOfManila on your list! They typically have sophisticated taste and like unique finds! Y’know, so they can show them off proudly to their fellow tita friends.

The locally crafted pieces from Native Manila will definitely be a nice addition to their homes!

Essential Oil

In these trying times, it’s important now more than ever to focus on our mental health, which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Give your loved ones something that can help relieve their stress or anxiety.

This All is Well Oil from Zenutrients is a must-have portable aromatherapy. It helps calm the body with its therapeutic ingredients.

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Curated Gift Box

After reading this list of Christmas gift ideas and you’re still clueless on what to give, try The Gift Central! It’s a Quezon City-based personalized online gift giving service that ships within Luzon.

They carefully curate the gift sets based on the recipient’s personalities, wrap them nicely, and deliver right to their doorsteps!

What’s great about them is that their partners are local small businesses too! Yay, win-win for all!

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So that’s it for this post about Christmas gift ideas you can give to your friends, family, colleagues, and more! I hope this helps you with your last-minute Christmas (online) shopping! Let me know if you have other Christmas gift ideas you’d like to share! I would love to hear them!

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  1. Yung first 4 may kinalaman sa COVID-19 which I think mas kailangan talaga natin ngayon. HAHA gusto ko magkaroon ng alcohol spray keychain. Para di ko na kailangan ilabas-pasok sa bag yung alcohol pag gagamitin ko

  2. House plants yung naisip ko… dahil kasi sa quarantine dumami ang family, relatives and friends na naging plantitos at plantitas. At gusto ko naman tikman yung homemade peanut butter at yung coffee. 🙂

  3. I have been eyeing for scented candles and dried flowers for so long now! Now I know where to get it as a gift for myself, too! Might get a PPE for my mom who works at a clinic!

  4. Naalala ko last year yung gourmet spanish sardines ang pinaka sikat na gift sa office. Gusto ko yung handmade accessories para sa mga tropa

  5. These are some nice finds. Also a couple of practical and handy gifts for this pandemic times on this list. I actually need fresh scented candles for my wfh office set up now. Huhu. The others, ill look into gifting my friends. Haha

  6. salamuch for this! checking out wfm para sa pambahay na maganda!! for me actually!!! nasa list ko din ang coffee drip para dun sa bf ng sis ko kaya nagpa customize din ako ng mug para sa kanya!

  7. Great list! I’ve bought all of my presents from local shops this year – with the exception of one! It’s been fun to match the presents to the people this time

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