Here are some fitspirations to get your body grooving. If these celebrities are able to lose weight, so are we! 🙂 You may be in a rut right now or you are just starting out with your fitness journey and needed some motivation. Read on to get inspired!

2 Celebs To Add To Our Fitspirations List

First off… Jennifer Hudson! She looks like this now…

2 Celebs To Add To Our Fitspirations

Stunning isn’t it? I love her outfit too!

Here’s a before and after photo of her…

2 Celebs To Add To Our Fitspirations

And now let’s go to Jordin Sparks. This photo has been circulating over twitter recently. Apparently, Jordin herself uploaded it. Such a daring move, I must add!

2 Celebs To Add To Our Fitspirations

To refresh your memory, this was her before…

2 Celebs To Add To Our Fitspirations

I know there are days that I’m lazy to drag my ass to the gym to workout (what with this summer heat in this side of the world) but now I’m motivated again! Are you?

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