Can we all take a moment and reflect on what just happened this 2020? It seems like the year just flashed right before our eyes. Definitely, the start of the new decade wasn’t what everyone was expecting. In fact, I think we can all agree that 2020 was hands down the worst year. Yes?

What with the pandemic that forced most of us to stay at home, made a lot of people struggle to make ends meet, some of us even lost dear friends and family members along the way. It was one hell of a year, to say the least.

But we are resilient. We know how to bounce back, to adapt to the new normal, to find the light at the end of the tunnel. We Filipinos especially know how to make light of the situation. That’s what being locked down for almost 9 months does to you (the Philippines holds the record of the longest lockdown in the world).

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What are the good things that happened this 2020?

So here’s me trying to be optimistic and wanting to end the year on a much more positive note. I would like to believe there are still some amazing things that happened this 2020 despite our circumstances.

As the year finally wraps up and we look forward to a brand new 2021, join me in reminiscing (and laugh at) some of the things that helped us get through this absurd year.

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Amazing things happened this 2020
Good things happened this 2020
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20 Good Things That Happened This 2020 (In GIFs)

Trip Planning Tip 1

We all learned how to cook decent meals (or at least tried)


Our social media feeds were filled with friends showcasing their latest kitchen experiments. Sushi bake, ube cheese pandesal, dalgona coffee, and the list goes on. We can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and try some of them too. Raise of hands for those who succeeded without burning their whole kitchen? 😂

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We became a plantita or plantito


The lockdown saw many of us suddenly becoming a plant mom or dad. Be it indoor plants or a garden full of plants, there’s something about these leafy friends that can benefit our well-being.

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Trip Planning Tip 3

Work from home became the new norm


So WFH happened this 2020. For those of you whose companies are hesitant for the longest time on this whole work from home setup, it can be quite satisfying to show them that this could actually work. Sure, it can take some getting used to but the pros outweigh the cons. I hope even after the lockdown, many employers will see the benefits of working from home and allow their employees for flexible work setup.

Trip Planning Tip 4

Sweatpants and old shirts became our uniform


Ahh, the perks of working from home — we can choose whatever we want to wear! Sweatpants, old shirts, Pjs, whatever is the most comfortable for you! Just don’t forget to freshen up before starting the day. Here are more tips on how to work from home productively.

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Trip Planning Tip 5

Fur babies are happy the hoomans are always home


Our pets are the real winners and benefited the most from what happened this 2020! More time at home means more quality time with them. 🐶 😻

Trip Planning Tip 6

Prep up for Zoom meetings


Admit it or not, most days we totally look blah at home and we only put some extra effort to look good when there’s a Zoom meeting scheduled for the day. Pants or shorts, totally optional! What’s important is anything visible from the shoulder upward. 👀

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Trip Planning Tip 7

We recognized teachers are real heroes


For those of you who have children and experienced homeschooling them during the lockdown, kudos to you! You survived such a difficult challenge! Also, shout out to all the teachers — for they have selflessly devoted their lives to educating future generations. And now we know how hard it could be.

Trip Planning Tip 8

We enjoyed “me time” much more


As we got isolated from the rest of the world and got locked down at home, we suddenly had so much time at our disposal. This allowed us to focus more on ourselves and do anything as we please. Sleep, eat, Netflix, chill, repeat. Sounds familiar?

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Tip 9

Acquired new skills


In relation to #8, many of us also used our newfound spare time to up-skill and rediscover old hobbies. We rekindled our passion for cooking, planting, crocheting, painting, and many more. Some of you who wanted to start a blog for the longest time may even end up doing so, finally!

Tip 10

Taylor Swift released not just 1 but 2 whole albums


God bless your kind heart, Taylor! Your music helped us get through! If you are not a Swiftie (yet), go ahead and listen to her newest album Folklore! I think it’s the best one yet!

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Trip Planning 11

Healthier lifestyle

If anything, this pandemic opened our eyes that staying healthy is the way to go! We started eating healthier, participated in online workout sesh with friends via Zoom, and generally improved our overall well-being.

Trip Planning 12

An unprecedented wake-up call to save the Earth


The lockdown actually had lead to some good things for the environment too! Studies show that there’s an increase in air quality all around the world. This is mainly due to travel bans and factories being shut down temporarily, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. After what happened this 2020, let’s continue being proactive in helping protect our mother nature.

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Increase support for local communities and businesses


We shifted our focus to local communities by supporting and shopping from small businesses. Here are 17 local shops to check out!

We became a barber out of necessity


I’m pretty sure many of us experienced cutting our own hair or having someone trim it during the lockdown. Congrats! Achievement unlocked! Now go ahead and add that to the list of new skills you acquired this year!

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Started a business


Did you finally start your own business? That’s great! So happy it happened this 2020! Good luck and more power to your biz!

K-drama marathon


In K-drama we trust. Amen. Our oppas made this lockdown much more bearable, agree? 😻

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Tip 17

We gave back to those in need


We witnessed compassion and humility throughout this pandemic. It’s heartwarming to see everyone help out, in small or big ways. This is also especially true in the aftermath of typhoons that happened this 2020 that wrecked the Philippines.

Tip 18

Long overdue appreciation for our frontliners


Thank you to all our essential workers: doctors, nurses, teachers, security guards, janitors, delivery staff, grocery store clerks, postal workers, gas station personnel, traffic enforcers, and many more! 🙏🏻

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Tip 19

Zoom celebrations


Even though we are apart, that didn’t stop us from celebrating milestones with our loved ones. All thanks to technology and Zoom, we were able to witness online weddings, birthdays, christening, Christmas, and many other celebrations.

Tip 20

We are alone, but we are together


What happened in 2020 so far proves that despite the lockdown and social distancing, that yes, we may be alone (physically), but we are all in this together. We find comfort in knowing that our solidarity and unity can help battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Despite everything that happened this 2020, we are all excited to welcome a brand new year full of hope. What happened this 2020, both the good and the bad will surely be remembered for many years to come.

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That’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it! What other good things that happened this 2020 you could add to the list? I know there’s quite a lot that happened this 2020, so go ahead and share your list with me! Let me know all of them in the comments!

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  1. This year has been really challenging but you’re right. We learned a lot especially learning new skills and working from home. I too learned new things because of the pandemic. My blog was born because of it. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. tuwang tuwa ako! hahahha!! nandun ako sa isa sa mga nagluto. well napilitan magluto dahil sa projects nyahahaha!!! na adik pa sa plato! ano na!!!! everything relate na relate ako

  3. We had so much time to enjoy that is a real deal. Though I never learned how to cook (even before pre-COVID), I got time to upcycle and design my own clothes!
    Maybe we will enjoy this new norm in the next 12months.

  4. This was such a good read and made me smile and agree that some good things did come from last year. I wouldn’t want to live it over again tho. It’s in the past and we can face this new year with hopes for the better. Happy new year girl!!!

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