I know a week has gone by already since my 24th birthday but well, I feel like sharing this “about me” list I recently made out of the blue, so continue reading if you want to know more about me!

24 Things You Most Probably Did Not Know About Me

Instead of birthday candles, I had sparklers on my special day. Weee! Excuse the haggard+bagong gising fez (cos I really just woke up when this photo was taken. so sweet of my friends to sleepover after a crazy night celebrating the eve of my birthday). Mehehehe.

Okay let us get down to business.

24 Things You Most Probably Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. I hate happy endings. Movies and books with sad, unconventional, dramatic endings get an A+ rating from me.
  2. I wish to travel alone someday… ala Eat, Pray, Love.
  3. I’m such a cry baby. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad.
  4. Give me chocolates and cakes and you’re my instant BFF!
  5. I sleep with my earphones on while listening to random music.
  6. RnB, pop, and alternative rock are some of the genres I prefer. But I’m open to discovering new bands and artists.
  7. As much as I like driving, I hate parking. I mean why can’t car just park itself and save us the hassle?
  8. I’m not good with directions. Don’t ask me cos I’ll just hand you over to good ol google map.
  9. I like movie dates… 🙂
  10. I used to get really depressed when I get a grade lower than 3.0 back in college (still applies even now in my master’s).
  11. I’m still finding the courage to dye my hair red.
  12. I like challenging myself.
  13. Painting my nails is therapeutic for me.
  14. I’m good at keeping secrets.
  15. Roadtrips and adventure and beach = my kind of summer.
  16. I don’t easily get drunk, but when I do… prepare for a disaster.
  17. I laugh at the most random and smallest things.
  18. I was once called a “sir” by mistake and I never wanted a short hair ever again.
  19. I’m such a sucker for chick flicks and romcom movies.
  20. I will probably faint when I see blood… lots of it.
  21. I find hospitals such a sad, lonely place. I don’t want to die in a hospital.
  22. I rarely ever show my true feelings, especially when I’m hurt.
  23. Balloons make me happy.
  24. I want a beach or garden wedding someday.

Whew! I never knew listing down 24 things about me could be this hard! It made me realize how little I know about my own self. So I’m declaring this year my year to self-discovery! And here’s to hoping this year would be legen.. wait for it… dary!!! <3

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