Ever wonder how stylish female travelers or your fave travel bloggers remain to look fab even after too many nights of jetlag, dehydrated skin while flying, and the stress that sometimes goes with traveling?

Once they landed and go about exploring new places how come they still look so effortless?! Like they did not endure the long haul flight at all!

I wonder that too! And today I will reveal their secret so you too can be a stylish female traveler! 😉 It is really easy and you can start with these 3 basic items.

Trip Planning Tips

3 Basic Items Every Stylish Female Traveler Must Bring On A Trip

3 Basic Items Every Stylish Female Traveler Must Bring On A Trip hide
Trip Planning Tip 1

Denim Jacket

Photo from Mega

There is something about wearing a denim jacket that suddenly makes you look all put together. It is an instant game-changer, I tell you! A denim jacket could be worn no matter if you need to dress up or dress down. You can wear it on top of a plain shirt or a fancy dress. It is so versatile that you can wear it to the museum or on the beach.

I do not think there is any place where a denim jacket would be inappropriate to wear. Take it from local celebrity Heart Evangelista who looks extra chic with it. So be sure to bring this basic fashion piece along with you on your trip to instantly become a stylish female traveler.

Trip Planning Tip 2


This one is a top-secret a lot of people bring and wear during their trips but they won’t tell or simply hush-hush about it! 🙊 Shapewear can magically make your unflattering bulges disappear so it’s no wonder it’s a must-have! They are especially helpful when wearing bodycon dresses or figure-hugging clothes (think: so you can nail your OOTD shots).

Here are some shapewear you can add to cart from FeelinGirl! They are an online shop specializing in waist trainers, bodysuits, neoprene shapers, shorts & panties, leggings, and sports bras.

You can opt for a slimming bodysuit to help cinch the tummy and waist area as well as give some boob support.

Alternatively, you can try a high waist shapewear panty to help shape your figure perfectly and make your butt look bigger. It’s definitely a must-have to give you curves in all the right places.

Their high waist shaping shorts are similar to the previous one I mentioned but the straps here are removable. I think the straps are a great addition to ensure this undergarment stays in place.

Want to know a secret? I bring some shapewear with me when I travel. They’re lifesavers, I tell you! When I wear one, I don’t feel that much conscious when taking photos, especially if the shot calls for full-body angles. Fake it till you make it, right? So while I’m still working on getting my six-pack abs (how I wish haha!), I’ll continue doing this quick fashion hack to look like a stylish female traveler. 😉

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Trip Planning Tip 3


Photo from @wilsonmaggie

Another way to help you look like a stylish female traveler is by wearing accessories. Lots of accessories! Yes, even on the beach like our girl here Maggie Wilson. I absolutely love her style. In fact, she’s one of the reasons I now accessorize a lot. Every time I see her travel photos on my feed, it is her earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that always catch my attention. I noticed they could instantly make your look more complete or more polished.

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So there you have it! I hope you learned something new in this blog post! How about you? Any tips on how to look extra chic when you travel? It’s easy to look like a stylish female traveler – you just have to pack these basic must-haves on your next trip! Enjoy and have fun! 😊

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  1. Heart and Maggie! OMG I love those stylistas! Yes when I travel talaga, I have my denim jacket an accessories as well! Number 1 na ang specs/sunglasses hehe

  2. I’m not a girl. How I wish tho. These seem like game-changers to take better travel photos. Like I seriously will be needing all the help I can get. Maybe I can share these tips to my girlfriends instead. Lol

  3. Amused reading this.

    I don’t own a denim jacket but by reading this article, it got me convinced to buy one. Thought it could be a casual wear only, but wow, it can make any outfit stylish.

  4. A big YES for bringing a denim jacket when traveling!!! It is a classic and it’s also a piece you can feel confident investing on. Knowing that regardless of the season or trends you can throw it on and look put together is a MAJOR style win.

  5. Agree ako dun sa denim jacket! Natuwa naman ako dun sa shapewear, yun pala ang need ko… ang hirap kasi magpapicture tapos di ko laam paano itatago ang mga bilbil. Hehe…

  6. I wish to have a shapewear. I need it. I was supposed to say also, di na bagay sa edad ko ang denim jacket and then I realized, I have one, hahaha… Well, I guess, it’s good for every age.

  7. Definitely agree with your list. We’re going on a trip this July and it will be the first time we bring our dog with us. I want to make sure I still look good when I film in the area and it looks comfortable enough despite all the walking we will be doing throughout the trip. Thank goodness we won’t be hiking like we initially planned, otherwise I can just forget about wearing shapewear XD

  8. I definitely agree on your list, I would like to add neutral colored shirts that you can wear under the jacket. I prefer to travel light hence, having a list of must haves is really helpful for me. Hope to see more inclusions in your list.

  9. Never thought about bringing shapewear – and considering how much I’ve gained this quarantine, I will definitely bring some next time!

  10. How would you pack up your accessories though while on travel? I like to travel light especially since I have kids when I do so, and some tips on how to make sure that necklaces and bracelets won’t be tangled would be nice sana 😀

  11. I’m a denim-jacket-and-lots-of-accessories kind of traveler hahaha para iba iba sa ootd pero i can never imagine that someone would actually include a shapewear kasi nagdadala din ako neto haha and I remember one time, yung roommate ko asked me kung bakit may ganon ako. Kaya akala ko ako lang 😀

  12. Denim jacket and accessories are indeed must-haves for stylish female travelers since these items are so versatile and easy to upgrade any outfits 😉

  13. Yes to the entire list (though I think bringing a denim jacket depends on your destination’s climate)! I’ve always brought accessories with me as they really speak volumes paired with anything from laid-back chic to fancy dresses! What I WILL say is that I have never thought of bringing shapewear! Fantastic idea, haha!

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