We always hear horror stories about couples fighting – or worst, breaking up – after they had their first out of town trip together. Here I share 3 travel tips for couples to survive your first travel together. It’s inevitable for things like this to happen because you and your partner are put into a different environment which both of you should be able to adapt.

There’s this saying that one way to really get to know someone is if you travel together. You eventually learn new traits and see how they react to certain situations. Delayed flights? Lost in a new place? No one speaks your native language? Patience can be tested in times like this and if you don’t have a solid foundation, things can easily go from a fun trip to worst trip ever!

Take note of these 3 travel tips for couples if you plan to travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend. As always, it’s better to prepare and know how to deal with things like this to avoid the unnecessary drama! This could also apply for travel with friends and family too.

3 Travel Tips For Couples To Keep In Mind For Your Next Adventures

Research about your destination

Knowing what’s in it for you in the place you plan to go to saves you the hassle, especially in terms of logistics. Find out how to go from point A to point B. Plan your hotel and transpo and allocate budget for those. You can choose specific activities/tours you want to do and prepare necessary OOTDs (chilly afternoon and all you brought were short shorts and tank tops? Uh-oh the boyfie will surely laugh at you).

The planning part is also just as much fun as the trip itself because you get to learn the preferences of your partner (is he the hostel type of person or he likes to experience luxurious hotels? Is he the adventurous kind or the chill type? Is he game for exotic food?).

Assign tasks to your partner

Don’t forget to delegate, delegate, delegate! If you booked the flight, he can take care of the accommodation. Who will contact the tour operator? Who’s assigned to safe keep the budget? Who’s in charge of making the itinerary? If you’re the type who is very OC and detail-oriented, remember that it’s not just your trip alone, your partner is going to be with you too. Involving the other person in the planning and the trip itself shows that you trust them. It also fosters teamwork and maturity for both of you.

Learn how to compromise

Remind yourself that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing all throughout your trip. Having this mindset will save you from disappointment. Things will not always go according to plan. Like it suddenly rains and your whole plan for the day is ruined. Throwing tantrums will not help. But that doesn’t mean the day is wasted already, you can still enjoy the company of your partner and do alternative activities. Chill and relax in a coffee shop, maybe?

Also, there may be instances that not all activities in your itinerary are things that you really want to do, but your partner wants to include it nonetheless. Don’t fret. Just think of it as a way to bond with him more. He will definitely appreciate that you took the effort to like the things he does.

So there you have it! Don’t stress yourself too much. Plan your trip to avoid travel horror stories with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Hope these tips help! What are other travel tips that worked for you? Share and comment down below! 😊

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  1. Thanks for the tips….most of the time we travel as couple. And mostly by land only.. We enjoyed a long drive vacation. And its true even we are just a couple. We our own task for our travel and thats a good thing.

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