Hey there, buttercups! Sharing with you my BeautyMNL must-haves which I recently got!

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A little back story. Christmas is just a few days to go and I haven’t shopped a single gift yet! Hahaha! I’m actually ~semi~panicking right now cos I know the coming weekend will be work-filled for me and I’m also attending a friend’s wedding, so that means absolutely no time to go to the mall. But thank God for online shops! Last year my lazy ass was saved cos I bought everything from online (BeautyMNL must-haves, of course!).

And my friends loved what I picked for them, so yay! That’s why I might do it again this year cos it’s super convenient (they accept COD) and they also deliver fast (next day delivery for Metro Manila and 3-5 days for the rest).

Anyway, so back to my haul and the purpose of this blog post. I’ve treated myself to some BeautyMNL retail therapy recently. Look what I handpicked!

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

Oh, but first! Check out the packaging! Super nice! I love the holiday touch! 😍

Here are 4 BeautyMNL must-haves you should add to your online cart now!

I gotta restock on my essentials, so you’ll see here some blush, lipstick, eyeliner and something for the hair. (Mister Snowman not included hahaha).

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

Ever since I digi-permed my hair this year, I’ve been obsessed with curling hair products. From shampoo, conditioner, cream, serum and mist – I make sure they’re safe for curly hair. If you have dig-permed hair, you can most likely relate when I say that maintaining the curls/waves ain’t cheap! So when I found this Beach Born Sea Salt Spray for only Php180, I instantly added it to my cart! So far, so good! I like that it doesn’t feel heavy on the hair. And it does the job of keeping the curls longer after every application.

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

Next is this lipstick! Brown/nudes seem to be all the rage nowadays that’s why I picked this shade. It’s called Burgundy Blush from Maybelline’s Color Sensational Creamy Matte line.

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

See how lovely that medium dark reddish burgundy shade is! It’s probably not for those who typically go for lighter shades, but at only Php299, I thought what the heck. Why not try it. Besides, I love another shade from this line, too. And also the semi-matte texture is heaven to my lips!

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

My go-to eyeliner has always been K-Palette, but then it’s super expensive! So when I ran out, I figured I’ll try another brand this time around. I read some review about this Karadium Movie Star One Stroke Pen Eyeliner (Php290) and they say it’s a dupe of K-Palette’s eyeliner. I find it okay… I can go with thin strokes with the fine/thin tip. I just find it a bit too liquid-y at times.

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

I got the black shade and the finish is glossy. Definitely a BeautyMNL must-haves buy!

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

Last on my beauty haul is this 3D Blush Contour from L.A. Colors (Php229). I got the shade Crush which is brownish pale pink.

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

I like that it’s matte finish, meaning no shimmery glittery effects. Perfect for days when you don’t want to overdo your makeup and just want to have a flush of color on the cheeks.

Must-Haves from BeautyMNL

So there you have it! The girly girl in me is super happy with my BeautyMNL must-haves slash beauty finds! 💋

Ohh and by the way, before I end this post. Calling out all you ladies who love taking selfies! Join BeautyMNL’s #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

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