Granted you do all your makeup routine at home, consider downsizing the contents of your beauty kit into just these 5 beauty kit essentials for touch-ups!

5 Beauty Kit Essentials Must Haves

5 Beauty Kit Essentials Must Haves

  1. Oil Control Film. You will definitely need this if you are oily. I have been such a loyal user of Clean & Clear Oil Control Film since high school. I tell you, these blue sheets are god-sent!  
  2. Lipsticks. Bring with you a peachy-pink shade for daytime, and red for nighttime. Currently, I am loving Virginia Olsen Barely There Pure Organics Lip Creme and the iconic MAC Ruby Woo.
  3. Blush. I find cheek tints more efficient for touch-ups especially when a blush brush is such a hassle to bring. My fave right now is Majolica Majorca Creme de Cheek Liquid Blush.
  4. Compact Powder. Again, application is a big factor in choosing the right product to bring with you. A compact powder is easier to apply than loose ones because you can just use the sponge that usually comes with it, instead of bringing a separate powder brush which can add bulk to your kikay kit. My pick: Happy Skin Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation.
  5. Hair Serum. Midday when I feel my hair is becoming lifeless, I just apply hair serum like Vitress. This product never failed me!

And that is it!

Trust me, you do not need to bring that tube of mascara or concealer! See, that is already a minus to the bulk of your makeup kit! What you are experiencing is probably just a separation anxiety issue. Or that feeling that you MUST have everything at your disposal and within reach.

I myself used to be guilty of this that is why I am saying – learn to let go! Cos really, your already mascara-ed eyelashes are just fine and your concealer would hold up till the end of the day. Same goes with other products like eyeliner, brow gel, eyeshadow, etc. Unless of course, you are using sucky formulation that makes it crease, melt and not long-lasting. 

Now you can save space in your bag, and your body will thank you for no longer carrying such heavy bag! 

More tips and tricks here! How about you? Do you like bringing a whole lot of makeup products even though you do not really use them on a regular basis? Or you only have the beauty kit essentials? Do share them in the comment section below! 

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