Ahhh celebrity eyebrows – I can’t help but admire them!

Not long ago I had a very strange dream that involved eyebrows. In that dream there was a girl who has eyebrow pencil marks extended past the normal brow area. Aside from that, the line was thick, unblended, and super noticeable!

Just a back story, that day I physically encountered a young lady exactly like that… I guess the thought haunted me! I know I’m not in a position to judge cos hello, my own set of brows is a huge mess, still. But the key thing here is to learn!

Anyway, I browsed the net for some eyebrow inspirations… and who else to look up to than these celebs with such perfect arch and to-die-for brows!

5 Best Celebrity Eyebrows For Your Inspo

Top on my list is Camille Belle! She has always donned the dark, thick and full brow look. I think it suits her very well.

Celebrity Eyebrow Favorites

Another celeb who seems to be greatly blessed with thick brows is Cara Delevingne. It simply warrants one’s attention!

5 Celebrities With To-Die-For Eyebrows

Megan Foxx has well-defined sexy brows with dramatic arches that really goes well with her fierce image.

5 Celebrities With To-Die-For Eyebrows

Another to-die-for eyebrows are from Beyonce! She has natural curve in her arches, as opposed to a sharp peak.

5 Celebrities With To-Die-For Eyebrows

To complete the list is Emma Watson’s seemingly unpretentious straight brows! It doesn’t have much curve and high arch but it frames her pretty face well.

5 Celebrities With To-Die-For Eyebrowse

I read somewhere that the secret to achieving the best brows for your face is to work with the brow shape you were born with – you simply clean it up a bit to enhance what you’ve got. Never overpluck, thinking you can just draw or fill it in later!

For eyebrow products, I personally like brow gel or brow pen for long lasting effect. One of my favorites is K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pen. I have it since last year and surprisingly it’s still not empty! A spoolie is also a must-have for blending out harsh lines.

Share your own eyebrow tips and tricks in the comment section! Who’s your fave celeb with to-die-for brows?

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