Here’s a list of my top best places to visit in the world that you can “tour” just by watching YouTube. The best part is it’s FREE and NO visa required! Enjoy and welcome aboard! ✈️

It pretty much sucks that like everything else around us, the whole travel industry is on pause amidst the pandemic. Countries all over the world have imposed travel restrictions and border closures. Thus, airlines have to cancel their flights and hotels and establishments are forced to shut their doors for now.

Nobody exactly knows when things will return to normal. Probably months or years from now? If you’re like me who’s itching to go out but can’t, simply grab your laptop and travel the world – right in the comfort of your own home!

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Top 5 Best Places To Visit

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American Youtuber and adventure filmmaker Erik Conover shares the top 7 incredible places in Iceland that you won’t believe exist. Watch his amazing video and get awe-inspired as he tours us around Iceland.

I’ve always wanted to see the aurora borealis or northern lights up close. Hopefully, I can cross that out of my travel bucket list soon! 💫

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Greece is known for its magnificent architecture and ancient ruins, picturesque white villages, and sunny beaches among other things. Watch this video from Touropia to get a glimpse of Greece and fall in love with their stunning landscapes, historic sites, and cultural delights.

No wonder people make it a point to include Greece in their list of best places to visit when they’re in Europe! After watching the video, I now understand. 💙

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MojoTravels gives us a list of compelling reasons why we need to travel to Antarctica. This frozen continent is almost always included in the best places to visit from top travel websites. Watch the video to see highlights that make this a unique travel destination.

Oh, hello there Mr. Penguin! I want to see one in person! They’re so cute! It reminds me of the movie Happy Feet. 🐧 Did you know that once a penguin finds his/her mate, they stay together pretty much forever? Aww!