If there’s one thing I’m really obsessing about these days… it’s gotta be v neck shirts for women! It can be worn plain and simple as it is for daily casual vibe.

5 Best V Neck Shirts For Women

5 Best V Neck Shirts For Women

Or you can wear blazer on top of it for a more corporate look. V neck, as compared to round neck, also gives the illusion of elongated neck! I never really liked round neck, it feels suffocating to me… is it just me? Lols!

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Bench has v neck shirts for women that are really comfy to wear! And it only costs around Php300 each (I forgot the exact amount), plus the last time I checked they have assorted colors available!

If you want to go lower than that, I spotted some v neck shirts for women for as low as Php100 each at Greenhills (after haggling, that is).

How about you? Are you more of a v neck or round neck type of gal? How do you style them? Share in the comment section!

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