In this post, I’ll share with you my current work from home setup and also the work from home products I got from Lazada that helped spruce up my workspace!

So it’s been what… 7 months of lockdown here in the Philippines? For some of you who are fortunate to keep your work or have gotten a new job despite the lockdown situation, how’s work from home life? Have you adjusted well? Did you buy any work from home products to help you settle in?

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I sure I did! Oh boy, Lazada is hard to resist! 🙈 They’re always on sale!

Anyhow, I’m not entirely new to the work from home lifestyle. In fact, just this September 9, I celebrated my 1st work from home anniversary! That means I’ve been working from home for the past 12 months now. Whew, how time flies!

I thank the Lord for every day I get to do what I enjoy while in the comfort of my pambahay.

You can read all about how I quit my corporate job and landed a full-time work from home job if you’re interested to know my backstory. Or find out how you can also score an online job here in the Philippines!

For many months, I was content with my workspace. I have a basic table, chair, lamp, and that’s it. As long as I get the job done, I told myself no need to buy unnecessary stuff.

But fast-forward to lockdown… and soon I got bored with how my work from home setup looks like. Imagine I don’t have anywhere else to go – so my uninspiring desk is literally what I see day in, day out.

So like an actual office, I treated it as such and personalized my space a bit more! Super happy with how my little DIY project turned out.

5 Work From Home Products From Lazada That You Will Love

Work From Home Products To Buy Now
5 Work From Home Products From Lazada That I Love

This is what my simple workspace looks like now! It used to be super bare with only the table, chair, and lamp (sorry I don’t have a before photo for comparison). Thanks to the work from home products I got from Lazada, I was able to turn it like this.

I posted this on my Facebook and IG stories and many of my friends were interested in the items. I thought it would be nice to share it here in my blog as well. So in case you’re looking for work from home products you want to add to your workspace, then check these out!

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DIY Wall Shelf

Work From Home Products To Buy
5 Work From Home Products From Lazada: DIY Shelf Wall

Probably my most favorite buy among this list is this DIY wall shelf! I also found the cheapest seller in Lazada since they’re on SALE.

Click here for more info or to buy this DIY Wall Shelf from Lazada

It’s super easy to assemble – no need to screw. The package comes with super-strong adhesive tapes and so far it really did stick to the wall. But right now I only put light things just to be safe since underneath it is my table that’s made of glass.

Each panel is around 22x22x10cm so I got 8 pieces to cover my wall with approximately the same length as my table. What I like best is that you can rearrange the shelves in whatever way you want even after installing it. Simply adjust the wood pegs and insert them in your desired spot (those tiny holes) then put the shelf. It’s that easy!

After installing this DIY wall shelf, my desk is much cleaner and I had more space!

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Soft Silicone Mouse Pad Wrist Support Hand Rest

For the longest time, I did not have a proper mouse pad. I didn’t realize it’s so important until I experienced some kind of hand strain for many weeks. I fear it was carpal tunnel syndrome. So I consulted my cousin who’s a PT and she told me to do some hand exercises regularly.

This led me to research ways to prevent it… and one of that is by having a good posture while working. That means making your wrist comfortable when using a mouse. I love how this mouse pad has a soft cushion for my wrist to rest.

Click here for more info or to buy this Soft Silicone Mousepad from Lazada

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Computer Arm Support

I bought my table not really for work a few years back – so it’s quite smaller than regular working tables. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I started feeling hand/arm strain which I believe is caused by my bad posture when I work.

I realized I needed a bigger table for better arm support since I feel that my arm/hand is hanging uncomfortably whenever I use the mouse. But wait! Good thing I discovered this amazing product – a computer arm support.

So it’s like a desk extender so my hand can rest comfortably when typing or using the mouse. I like that it’s adjustable and super easy to attach and detach. Sometimes I remove it when I use my table not as a work desk.

Click here for more info or to buy this Computer Arm Support from Lazada

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Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand

Another one of the best work home from products I found in Lazada is this adhesive laptop stand. There are many different types of laptop stands in the market. Most are big and table type ones.

But since my work desk is quite small, I looked for something sleeker and not that much of a hassle to setup. This one is lightweight, portable, and convenient to use.

What I like about it is that you can move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere (unlike huge laptop table stands which limit you to home use since it’s hard to bring it anywhere). When not in use, you can simply fold this origami-style adhesive laptop stand and it’s not going to be bulky underneath your laptop.

Click here for more info or to buy this Adhesive Foldable Laptop Stand from Lazada

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Folding Table

Work From Home Products Folding Table
5 Work From Home Products From Lazada

Expectation vs Reality. Hahaha! (Photo on the left not mine).

I also transformed our balcony into a workspace extension by putting an outdoor table and chair. With matching fake grass to boot! I’ll just imagine I’m working alfresco in a coffee shop. One needs to be creative if you’re living in a condo! 😅

Anyway, since I already have a chair I can use, I only bought the table. I’d like to find a chair similar to my peg (left photo) though. If you know where to find that, please do message me! But my current one would do for now.

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I normally work here in the morning to get my daily dose of sun. But lately, since it’s gloomy and the weather is unpredictable, I kept the table inside. Hopefully, I can use it again soon.

Click here for more info or to buy this Folding Table from Lazada

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Work From Home Products You Should Buy
5 Work From Home Products You Should Buy
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How about you? What are the best work from home products you got lately? Share with me which work from home products you love and which ones you shouldn’t have bought! Or maybe something you’re planning to buy soon?

So that’s it for this post about the work from home products from Lazada that I absolutely love! I hope you enjoyed reading about the work from products I recently purchased and found inspiration in them. Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions or more work from home products to share!

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  1. I need some of these! I have been working from home since January and well I need to improve my home workspace! Thank you!

  2. I was already used to working from home, so it hasn’t been a big change for me. Luckily I was able to get a good deal on a new computer during black friday. And it is a good thing I did, because my other one, broke down just about 6 months after getting the new one.

  3. This is so Really Blog ate Hazel.. and Wow All this DIY, so Creative i Love it. 💕💕💕 Support ko to ate Haze 💕💕

  4. OMG! My workstation at home is all setup but 10.10 is coming and I think I need everything from this list on my cart HAHAHA 😀 The arm support is super needed ko na.

  5. Cool ideas,very much needed with people working from home. Along with all you have mentioned, I need desperately a laptop desk.

  6. You are so right! I would love all of these products for my home office! They would really liven up my office and help me to organize and really focus!

  7. Great idea 👍.I like folding table for my laptop para pwede din buhatin kahit saan mo gusto. Pwede din sa terrace.

  8. Na-add ko na talaga sa cart yung DIY Shelf kasooo not sure pa I should check out naaa. Saving up to build my own room so siguro by the time nalang na meron naaa. Hehe. 2021!

  9. I’m so much liking the arm support. Since naka-WFH na ako for 3 months, I think I have the need to set up my own good workspace and have a shopping spree of cute and awesome piles of stuff like yours ate.

  10. A vertical or ergonomic mouse could also help with the wrist strain. I love your set up. I’m also decorated my workspace and also invested in a lot of equipments! I mean it’s where I’ll be all day so might as well make it pretty right? Hahah

  11. You are so right with the mouse pad with a little cushion! Also, that wall art is essential, just to give me some more inspiration for creativity!

  12. i really like the diy wall shelf as well. im going to check it out too. kaso wala ako maisip na mapaglagyan dito sa bahay hahaha!! its so nice! i really like it for myself! i think i need the laptop stand too

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