If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to value life and appreciate what we have all the more. Here are 5 simple things you can do to have a more meaningful life.

We all want to be happy and are continuously in the pursuit of happiness. But what about finding ways to live a meaningful life instead? I believe there is more impact on ourselves and on others once we pursue a meaningful life.

Before listing down the 5 simple things you can for a much more meaningful life, let’s quickly talk about what benefits you can get out of them.

5 Simple Things You Should Start Doing More
5 simple things you can do to have a more meaningful life

Having a meaningful life can do wonders. Some of them are the following: it will make us healthier as it will give us more energy and vitality to do things, it will help us become more productive, give us a boost on our self-confidence, and generally, our life satisfaction will increase.

Now doesn’t that sound great? Okay, let’s now go to the list!

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5 Simple Things You Should Do More This Year

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Be grateful

No matter how big or small, learn to count your blessings. In this never-ending pursuit of wanting the latest, the newest, the trendiest whatever thing, we sometimes forget and take for granted what we already have.

2020 Word of the Year - Gratitude

Also, remember to always say “thank you” to people and appreciate the value they bring to your life. You never know how those simple two words can brighten up someone’s day. As they say, it’s the simple things that can give the most joy.

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Forgive and ask for forgiveness

Life is too short to harbor ill feelings. Be humble enough to acknowledge you made a mistake and say sorry for it. This is one of the simple things you can practice doing more often.

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Take time outs

Hit the pause button quick, especially in this fast-paced digital world. Ever been in that situation where you are all gathered together at home with your family, but everyone is busy on their phones? #guilty 🙈

So on this brand new year, aim to disconnect more to connect with real people, real people right in front of you. Spark real conversation, really listen to what they are saying. You will never know what great ideas you can pick up unless you hear them out.

Disconnecting ourselves to the outside noise also helps us to be mindful. That’s actually what I intend to do more moving forward – to live a more mindful life this 2021.

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Stop comparing

If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter. But if you continuously challenge yourself, you become better. 👊🏻 I used to be that person who checks other people’s Instagram and feel miserable about my life.

But thank goodness I quickly snapped out of that and told myself that nobody’s perfect; everyone is just putting their best lives forward and only sharing the good stuff. Life will be so much easier after you realize that bit. 🍃 Focus on yourself instead. You do you!

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Start somewhere, start with baby steps

I have always said I will start my passion projects and hobbies again, but then random shit happened and they all took the backseat once again.

2019 word of the year

So this 2021, I will do more of the #littlethingsthatmakemehappy — one small step at a time like restarting my blog with one or two posts a month, reading at least one book per quarter (every month if time permits), trying bullet journaling, staying healthy, and cooking more healthy goodness!

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5 Simple Things To Do More To Have A Meaningful Life
5 Simple Ways To Live A Meaningful Life
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So there you have it! The 5 simple things are just really, well, simple, aren’t they? You can easily incorporate them into your life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about 5 simple things you should do more this new year. I do hope you live your best life this 2021 by making it a life full of meaning. That way you can reap all the benefits I mentioned above.

How about you? 😉 What are your new year’s resolutions or personal goals you want to start or keep doing on this brand new year? Comment away and happy 2021 everyone! 💕

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