Wondering what’s the fuss about succulent plants? Why so many people are hooked with them? Are you a new plant parent? Thinking which indoor plant is best for you? How to take care of your new plants? Then you’re on the right page! Keep on reading as I will share everything you need to know about succulent plants. I’m a new plant parent myself and the experience is truly rewarding.

The quarantine somehow turned many of us into chefs, DIY experts, workout buffs, business owners, and my favorite one – plant momma or plant daddy! I’m sure you have seen someone in your social media feed showcasing their new succulent plants!

So earlier this year (pre lockdown), my sister and I attended a plant workshop held by Succulents PH and West Elm. It was my first time ever attending such kind of workshop. Thank God my sister randomly saw their ad online and asked me to accompany her! YES, WOMAN! SIGN ME UP! I said yes of course – obviously, I got intrigued myself too. 🤓

Succulent Plant Workshop Philippines
L-R: Me, my sister, and Ms. Gugma of Succulents PH

We met the owner, Ms. Gugma (rightmost in the photo) who also conducted the workshop and walked us through everything we need to know about succulents. We even got to pick our own succulent and learned how to re-pot it during the workshop!

Since I know there is an increasing number of new plant parents out there, I will share my key takeaways from the workshop.

5 Things About Succulent Plants & Care Tips

Trip Planning Tip 1

Misting or spraying water is NOT enough for succulents. You have to pour enough water into the soil. Apparently, water spraying is more for air plants, not succulents. Ideally, you should water around it thoroughly until water drips from the bottom hole of the pot.

Trip Planning Tip 2

It is advisable to water at night where the “pores” of the succulents are more receptive to moisture. Thus, the roots are better able to take up water poured on the soil.

Trip Planning Tip 3

Succulents are good at locking in moisture, so you do not need to water every day. They are the perfect house plant! I water mine once a week or when I notice the soil is getting dry already.

💡 PRO TIP: It’s good to have a watering schedule based on how quickly the soil dries up.

How to determine your watering schedule? When you water your plant check back after a week and feel the bottom drain. If it is still moist or cool to the touch, then you can skip watering. Check back after another week to see if the soil has gotten powdery dry already. If it does, then it’s time to finally water it again. In this case, you can water your plant every 2 weeks.

Trip Planning Tip 4

A good ratio for potting: 3/4 soil and 1/4 pebbles on top. Aside from aesthetic purposes, pebbles also act as a barrier so the plant will not absorb all the water you pour into the soil. Overwatering can be harmful to these babies.

Trip Planning Tip 5

These low-maintenance plants love the sun. Generally, the more sun your plants get, the more frequent you have to water them. The same way as when they get less sun exposure (meaning you don’t put them directly under sunlight), they need less watering.

Do note that these plants need sunlight to produce their food via photosynthesis so do expose them to the sun as often as possible. It can help maintain their fresh look as when you have first gotten them. If they start to look sad or unhealthy, you know that they are craving for more sun.

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It was definitely a fun-filled learning experience! After that workshop, I am the proud owner of my very first plant ever! Weeee! 💚🍃

Meet Shancai, my first ever plant baby! I named “her” Shancai because I was obsessed with watching reruns of Meteor Garden on Netflix at the time. Haha! Do you name your plants, too? 😜 By the way, there was also a Dao Ming Si at some point but unfortunately, he went to plant heaven already. I AM OKAY, I AM NOT CRYING. THANKS FOR ASKING. *grabs some tissue*

Succulent Plant Before And After
Meet my baby, Shancai!

My Shancai is a jade plant aka money tree and is one of the most common houseplants worldwide. Check out the before and after! The left photo was taken on January 26, 2020, and the right photo was taken after around 5 months. It is amazing to see her grow taller as days and months go by.

I usually put her on my window sill during the morning when the sun is out. Be cautious though, as there is such a thing as a sunburn for these babies. When you notice burnt or dry spots, it could be a sign of sunburn.

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What indoor plant should you get?

For those wondering what plant to get – I got you covered! I reached out to Ms. Gugma and asked for her recommendations.

Best Indoor Succulent Plants
Best indoor plants (photos from @SucculentsPH)

She usually suggests sansevierias aka snake plants for indoors because they are sturdy. Ms. Gugma also said they are hard to kill and efficient as air purifiers too. They are actually her faves!

Price ranges from Php 240 to Php 360 for the plants pictured above. Check out Succulents PH on Instagram for more details.

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Best Succulent Care Tips

So there you have it! Raise hands of all the proud plantitas or plantitos out there! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Can you share your own plant experience? Do you have any other plant care tips? I would like to know about them! Leave a comment down below and let’s connect!

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