Who knew loose eyeshadows can have many uses? I certainly did not realize the many ways to use it until I stumble upon these tips! Stick around to discover how you can maximize the different ways you can use your loose eyeshadows with these handy tips.

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How To Use Loose Eyeshadows In 5 Different Ways

1. Mix it with your lip gloss

Create your own lip color by mixing those loose pigments with a clear lip gloss.

2. Create a metallic finish by mixing the pigment with water

Apply the paste-like mixture on your eye lids to bring out the pigment to a whole other textural level.

3. Apply as eyeliner

With a liner brush or a sealer, achieve that winged eyes with your loose pigments.

4. For highlighting

Sun-kissed and flesh-toned pigments are perfect as highlighters above your cheekbones. You will surely have that natural glow.

5. Create a custom nail polish

Dab some loose eyeshadows all over nails then apply clear top coat. Control the intensity of the color by playing with the ration of polish to pigment.

I actually tried tip #5 last night, and lookie!

How To Use Loose Eyeshadows In 5 Different Ways

It actually worked! AMAZING! I used Virginia Olsen loose eyeshadow in Chameleon (which I swatched *here*). I actually thought it will wash off after running it down with water, but apparently the top coat really sealed it in. TRY IT GIRLS! Additional “nail polish” color din yan! 😛

Virginia Olsen eyeshadows are available at http://virginiaolsen.com and http://zalora.com.ph for only Php 150 each.

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