There are days that I wish my closet is limitless so I can have countless office style ideas to put to life. It will not hurt to dream a little girl’s fantasy, right? HA! It is all the internet’s fault why we have this never ending desire for pretty clothes and department-store like walk-in closets.

And do not tell me you do not Google or check Pinterest, Lookbook, or your friend’s hashtag-overloaded OOTD posts all over Instagram for office style ideas!

But geez. Sucks I don’t feel like dressing up lately, heck even prettify myself. I only do so when I have a meeting for the day. But I want to change that SOON! I need to be inspired and so you know what I did next. Sharing my office wear inspirations!

6 Office Style Ideas To Inspire You!

6 Office Style Ideas

This ensemble screams office chic!

6 Office Style Ideas

I like the blazer very much!!! I think it’s from Zara.

6 Office Style Ideas

Brown and gold combo always attracts me. Ewan ko kung bakit. Lakas lang maka-yaman ng look! HAHA!

6 Office Style Ideas

Ahhh!! Love this outfit altogether! So girly! May hair-flipping pa na ganap!

6 Office Style Ideas

Who said office wear should be plain boring? Aztec-printed skirt for the win!

6 Office Style Ideas

For lazy, este laid-back Fridays! I saw a denim polo shirt at Robinson’s Department Store yesterday and it was down from Php 599 to Php 499 only. Should have bought it na pala!

Hope this will also serve as an inspiration for me to lose more weight! I gained 3 mother-effin pounds in just a week! And no, I am not overreacting cos I weighed in the other day. Been stress-eating lately, that is why! Gaah, feels so good to eat yet so sinful. Can anyone else relate?

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(All images are from Pinterest)

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