I bought a hair makeover package deal of Aaron Yoo Salon from Ensogo last week and I availed the service yesterday at the said salon. It is a Korean-owned salon with 2 branches here in Manila, one in Kapitolyo and one in Ortigas.

Globe Lazmall Deal

I called and made an appointment to their Kapitolyo branch 3 days prior and it went smoothly. I thought they wouldn’t accommodate me on my preferred date due to short notice. You know how some establishments in group buying sites can be such pain the ass when you want to avail the service already, right?

Aaron Yoo Salon Hair Makeover Treatment Package

I only paid Php 999 for the voucher and it includes the following:

Korean Digiperm OR Milk Rebond OR Full Hair Color OR Natubea Korean Hair Treatment + Shampoo-Blowdry + Hair Trim + 10min Back Massage + Complimentary Drinks (valued at P4500)

The hair salon itself is modern and quite spacious. I wasn’t able to take photos from the inside but here’s what it looks like from the outside. Aaron Yoo Salon is located at the 2nd floor of Ace Hotel and Suites.

Aaron Yoo Hair Salon - Kapitolyo

When I arrived there, I handed the voucher and told the receptionist I’m there for my 1 PM appointment. I was 15 minutes late but thank god she didn’t make it an issue. Besides, the salon was empty at the time. She then asked me to sit in front of a computer and to type my contact details. First time I encountered a salon which doesn’t use paper logbook!

The “omg ang cool!” thought bubble did not stop there! They have this scalp test thingamajig which I only see in shampoo commercials! They pointed the camera on my scalp and the live preview can be seen in the computer. Here’s what my dry and damaged scalp looks like. Que horror!!!

Aaron Yoo Hair Salon

Since my hair is super damaged from all the years of rebonding and hair coloring it endured, I was told by the stylist that I have to avail their hair treatment which is an add-on. I asked how much and she said Php3000 (or was it Php 3500? I can’t recall). I then politely declined as I don’t have enough cash with me nor my ATM, I only brought my credit card but they don’t have a credit card terminal!

She was really pushy which got me a bit irritated… the whole 5-hour rebonding process she was really pushing for me to avail the add-on hair treatment for damage-control. I just declined every time she brings the subject up. Ohh, and she also asked me sign a waiver indicating the salon is not liable for any hair damage that may occur. Psssh. I have no choice cos I already bought the voucher so I still went for it.

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I did avail of the add-on hair treatment in the end, but the one priced at Php 1,000 only. She showed me how my hair strand is so brittle it snapped quickly after the first round of rebonding cream was applied. So I got scared and asked the cheapest hair treatment available!

Aaron Yoo Hair Salon

It was my first time trying Milk Rebond and also first time trying Korean hair treatments (ohh wait, I did have my hair rebonded at Tony & Jackey before, I’m just not sure if they use all Korean products there). Aaron Yoo salon only have Korean products, no L’Oreal Xtenso which I’m used to. I have yet to see how it goes (and hopefully my rebonded hair wouldn’t turn dry *crosses fingers*). I’ll update you once I washed my hair after 2 days.

Overall, my experience with Aaron Yoo Hair Salon is just a-okay! I mean the place was decent, even the comfort room is clean and with tissue and soap. And the people there were actually very accommodating and friendly.

But if the stylist wasn’t all about sales talk, I would have liked it better. Also, I asked for the 10-minute back massage that was supposedly included, and to which she replied “hindi naman po talaga nasusunod yan… kung may available lang na assistant at kung wala masyadong tao.

Okay fine, at least the staff from Aaron Yoo Salon gave me my complimentary drink. Kthanksbye.

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