“I want to travel the world without breaking the bank!”

Does that line sound familiar? Yes!!! Well, hello there! You’re not alone! I share the same sentiment too! We can totally be travel BFF right now! Welcome to my lifestyle and travel blog, you thrifty traveler, you!

But first, let me introduce myself!

Travel Blog

Hi, I’m Hazel! In a nutshell, I’m a digital marketer by profession, and a wanderlust, skincare junkie, foodie, and kid at heart! I’m an Aries girl and rocking this world since 1989. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines.

Whew! That’s a lot of slumbook bio there! I hope that didn’t bore you.

Okay, so now you might be wondering what this lifestyle and travel blog has in store for you… aka what purpose does it serve you? 🤔 I’ll give you 3 so stick with me!

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3 Things You Can Expect From This Lifestyle & Travel Blog

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Discover tips on how you can travel without spending much

I’m a certified budget traveler who thinks traveling should not cost an arm and leg. I always have a sense of fulfillment whenever I get to score cheap deals! Most of my leisure travel around Asia only cost me around Php 3,000 (~USD 58) round trip airfare! I guess I’m lucky when it comes to seat sales.

Through the years, my mantra in life has become “wander often, wonder always.” I have always been a curious person, especially when traveling, so that quote struck a chord with me. Before embarking on a trip, I always do my research about the destination, make my own itinerary, find out the best airfare deals, book the cheapest accommodation, score discounted packages, and more. In short, I want to see more of the world without spending too much and to get more out of my hard-earned buck.

That is why this curious gal right here would like to share her knowledge with others. I want to inspire the wanderlust in you, to share travel guides, and to give tips and tricks so you can plan your trip affordably.

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Learn how you can start a travel blog of your own (or any blog for that matter)

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Yes, take it from me! I’ve been blogging for many years now. Actually this lifestyle and travel blog was formerly known as Dress Me Up Buttercup since its inception in 2011. Then, it was renamed to Hazy Wanders last October 2019.

The change in name comes with my decision to include more travel-related posts here. I think the wordplay with my nickname ‘Hazy’ and ‘wanders’ suits the new direction of this blog perfectly. Hazy is an adjective in the English language which means “vague or uncertain.” To wander means to walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way. I think when wandering around there is always uncertainty and that’s what makes it more exciting!

What started as just a hobby several years ago, my lifestyle and travel blog now has turned into a creative outlet of some sort for me. Although I would be focusing more on my travel content, my previous posts about product reviews, beauty tips and tricks, skincare, and more are still up. 😀

I want to share what I’ve learned through the years, the blogging mistakes I did, and how I was able to rebrand my blog. Check this blogging resource for everything you need to know on how to start a travel blog!

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Find out how you can earn money while working from home

Some of my dream jobs growing up included being a magazine editor, travel TV host, and coffee shop owner. But my career path eventually led me to marketing, specifically in the beauty industry. I have over 8 years of work experience handling marketing for various local and international beauty brands. It’s a lot of fun!

However, in 2019 I left the corporate world and landed a work from home full-time job. This whole digital nomad lifestyle is new and exciting for me! I want to share my experience with you through this travel blog as well. I believe there are so many advantages to working from home. Let me help you find your dream job – one that doesn’t require a long commute or being away from home and your family! That way you can save more and have more time to travel!

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About Travel Blog

So there you have it! I’m thrilled to have you here on my lifestyle and travel blog. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me more! See you around the blog and be sure to say hi!

Much love, Hazel 💋

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