Can you really have clearer skin in 4 hours with the Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel? Find out my verdict at the end of this product review.

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First, imagine this scenario. You woke up feeling all good vibes, then upon checking yourself in the mirror you see those horrible, horrible acne on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, everywhere. You rush to your vanity – panicking –  to check for any remedy. Alas, your Lush Spot Treatment is nowhere in sight. Not that you find that 100% effective, but where the eff is it when you need it the most?! Then you promise yourself to get that Mario Badescu ASAP cos that little thing is heaven sent.

But because you are such an impulsive buyer you got sidetracked by this product that promises clearer skin in 4 hours! So you tell yourself, hey why not? *caching-caching!* There goes your fund for that Mario Badescu set! Hmm, but not really because this one is way cheaper, so yay, frugal you!

Ha! Story of my life and the story behind this purchase – the Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel. I bought it from Healthy Options a few weeks back and I think it’s about time I share some feedback.

Product Review: Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel

Product Review: Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel

Product Review: Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel

Product Review: Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel

I will keep this product review short and simple by listing down the pros and cons. Aka I know you all got bored with my introduction right up there, so I will cut you some slack this time. Lols.

Pros of the Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel:

  • Active ingredient is 2% Salicylic Acid. It works in removing dead skin cells because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. Thus, making your pores clearer and free from blockages.
  • Made from organic/vegetarian ingredients
  • No parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances
  • Clear, invisible gel makes it acceptable to wear even in daylight when you are out and about! No white cast that will attract weird stares! Hooray!
  • Very affordable and you only need a small amount each time, so this tiny tube can actually last for months!

Cons of the Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel:

  • It stings like craaaazy! So if you have low pain tolerance, I suggest skipping this one. Or take some painkillers beforehand. However, it only takes a few minutes before the burning sensation subside.
  • Be prepared to have dry patches around the affected areas. Though this can be quickly solved by simply applying moisturizer.
  • The biggest con though is that it takes 3 to 5 days (or longer) for the pimple to totally disappear. I have tried others with quicker results (e.g. with Clinique, the acne is gone overnight).

Will I repurchase? Probably not. I like that it is organic and all the pros that I have mentioned. However, the real deal breaker here is the amount of time it takes to see the result. And you all know how it is with acne – the quicker it’s gone, the better.

PRICE: Php359.00
WHERE TO BUY: Healthy Options

Thank you for reading! Have you tried this product? What other acne treatments can you recommend? I love hearing from my readers! Do leave a comment, tweet me at @hazelsalcedo, send questions via my Ask Box, or post a message on my Facebook page. You can also shoot me an email at hazelnot AT yahoo DOT com. Talk to you soon, okay? ❤

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