People often ask me if lip liners are important. And let me tell you this, I used to hate doing this extra step before applying lipstick / lipgloss because I thought it is useless. Not anymore! 

Read on to see why I think lip liners are essential part of any makeup kit! I also shared some of my current ones and did a quick product review on each.

Are Lip Liners Important

Why lips liners are important

Lining your lips with lip liner prior to lipstick application prevents it from bleeding, feathering and most especially fading. It prolongs the color on the lips even after drinking and eating because the lip liner adds an extra layer on which your lipstick will adhere to, thus less transfer of color occurs.

Here are my current lip liners

Are Lip Liners Important

L-R: Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liner (#13915), Amuse Lip Liner (Hot Pink), Nichido Lip Pencil (LP03 Blaze), and Nichido Lip Pencil (LP04 Rosette).

Are Lip Liners Important

Among the four, my most fave is the one from Nichido (in Rosette) – yes I cannot help it, I am a neutral-kind-of-girl! Then, I coat it with a layer of my Maybelline or MAC lipsticks, and I am good to go. It lasts me the whole day, no kidding, without reapplying!

My least fave is the one from Ever Bilena (#13915). Ugh, it has glitters on it which the SA did not warn me about. Ugh, glitters. On my lips. Uhm, no thanks.

The Amuse (Hot Pink) and Nichido (Blaze) are also good cos they are pigmented! You should pick at least a neutral, pink and red lip liners and build your collection from there

Tips and tricks to applying lip liners

The major downside when you apply lip liner is that it can make your lips appear more dry than it actually is. Make sure to moisturize with a balm first and scrap off dry skin before applying.

Ever wonder why applying red lipstick is troublesome (read: red stain all over the side of your lips)?

Lining your lips with red lip liner first can help shape your natural line and make it easier to fill in with your red lippie. You can wear lip liner as it is or wear it under your fave lipstick.

Do not feel restricted in matching your lip liner color with your lipstick color (although normally this is the practice of most people) because you’ will be amazed how a neutral shade of lip liner looks like when topped with hot pink lipstick!

And lastly, lip liners should not be so expensive! For Php 100-200 you can get a quality lip liner already! If it exceeds that range, you are just paying for the brand name, really. So save yourself, and opt for cheaper drugstore brands instead.   

That is all! Hope this post was helpful! How about you? Do you find lip liners important? What brands / shades do you currently have?

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