I love field trips and visiting manufacturing plants! It makes me appreciate more not only the technology and advanced equipment, but also the genius and hardworking people behind the products.

That’s why when I got an email from Ogilvy PR inviting me for the Avon Plant Tour and to know more about their new and improved range of Skin So Soft products last August 24, I said yes right away! I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I shouldn’t miss! Thank you Ogilvy and Avon! 🙂

Avon, the company for women, is the largest direct selling company in the world which offers beauty, fashion and home products.

Snippets from the Avon Plant Tour

Avon Plant Tour At Calamba, Laguna

From Ortigas we were transported to Avon Products Manufacturing Inc. (APMI) Plant all the way in Calamba, Laguna. I wasn’t able to take a photo, but some Avon employees were lined up, shook our hands and welcomed us to their world! Such a really heartwarming welcome that we didn’t expect!!! Awww!

Avon Plant Tour At Calamba, Laguna

And speaking of heartwarming welcome, look at that signage!! It says “Welcome Beauty Bloggers and ACI Friends”. ACI, or Avon Cosmetics Inc., is headquartered at Makati. Ohh diba, anong say nyo? Sila na ang prepared! 😛

We were then ushered to their training room where food catered by Bizu was waiting for us! It was already lunch time by then.

Spell Y-U-M-M-Y!!! 😛

Mr. Collin Whittington, General Manager and Manufacturing Director of Avon Products Manufacturing Inc. (APMI) with Ms. Weng Domingo. She shared to us a brief background presentation of APMI. I learned that they also now export Avon products to as far as Canada!! It made me proud to know that even though Avon is not a Filipino brand, still, the people who made all those possible are Filipinos! Kudos! It goes to show that Avon plant in the Philippines is at par with other plants within the region! 🙂

Before starting with the much awaited Avon plant tour, we were first instructed to change into our lab gowns!! That is me on the right photo. 😛

And this is what we saw inside – the hardworking men and women of APMI doing their jobs. Please note that other areas are not allowed for picture -taking so I only managed to get snapshots of the following…

Lipsticks galore! Yes, manual labor is still practiced in APMI. Products are not completely manufactured by machines. I found out that APMI has a total of 274 regular employees and the plant sits on a huge 7 hectare compound.

Lots and lots of boxes of mascara and eye shadow quad being folded neatly by these Avon employees. I never knew these boxes were manually arranged by real people!!! Again, you can’t help but appreciate all the hardworking people behind these products. Even though they only play a small role, they are still part of the big picture. And thanks to Avon, these people are earning a living to send their children to school and provide for their families.

And here we are at the Skin So Soft product line of Avon! The girl was manually placing the cover on each bottle, which are then hard-pressed by a machine.

More Skin So Soft lotions!!

We were given a sneak peek of the huge warehouse of Avon inside the compound. The plant’s capacity is 140 MM in 250 days. That’s a lot! And this could double if they have huge bulk orders abroad or here in the Philippines.

After the Avon Plant tour, we went back to the training room where Ms. Mari Ann Soliven (Avon Color and Personal Care Senior Category Manager) shared more about the new and improved range of Skin So Soft products.

She mentioned that the latest range of Skin So Soft now features a modern look and infused with luxurious ingredients. There are three main product lines – Skin So Soft & White, Skin So Soft Silky Moisture, and Skin So Soft Firming and Restoring. Each containing Marula oil, Argan oil and Babassu oil respectively. I’ll do a separate post explaining all of these next time.

And when it was finally time to bid goodbye, we were told to pose for a “class picture” with Mr. Collin at the center! The whole Avon Plant Tour group.

One more time! Sa labas naman! I’m actually honored to be one of the few bloggers invited for this exclusive plant tour. We were told that the last time they opened the plant to others was many years ago!

Clockwise: Jes with Mr. Collin; Me with Mr. Collin; Krissy, Shen and I; Shen and yours truly.

All of us went home with a cute bag containing the complete set of Avon Skin So Soft products!

Some products are not yet out in the market and we are given first dibs! How awesome is that? 😀 I’ll share more about each Skin So Soft products on my next entry! Watch out!!

I hope you guys learned something from my Avon Plant Tour post. 🙂

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Again, I would like to thank Ogilvy and Avon for inviting me! Special thanks to Ms. Lhen and Ms. Kathy! 🙂
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