I recently went on a spontaneous Baler surfing trip with friends. And I’m not a pro! Haha! You know that old adage fall seven times, stand up eight? I never really put much thought to that saying until I tried surfing for the first time!

I did not just fall seven times. I will be honest and tell you I fell more times than I was able to stand up on that goddamn board! Yes, I know I suck at surfing, okay! But on the few (lucky) times I was able to balance myself on top of the surfboard, I suddenly didn’t mind the whole trying-falling-and then trying some more part.

I dare say, my first ever Baler surfing experience was amazing!

Ha, yes, this girl ain’t a quitter, yo! Tips for newbies like me, surf during low tide! The waves during high tide can be such a bitch! Hello, bruises! 🙁 Ohh and do wear rash guard with LONG sleeves. Apparently, it’s really called rash guard for a reason, which my friend learned the hard, itchy way.

Baler surfing experience
Baler surfing experience

Beers are cheap at Baler Surfer Grill! There’s really not much to do at night other than drinking and playing cards and staring at the vastness of the ocean under the moonlight. 😉

Baler surfing experience
Baler surfing experience

When in Baler, I highly recommend that you stay at Bay’s Inn or Bayler’s View, or if you feel like coughing out some more money, try Costa Pacifica. Unfortunately, these were all fully-booked when we were there two weekends ago. We were left with not much choice and ended up with Moreno Lodge, a tiny nipa hut-like accommodation that – with all fairness – has aircon, cable tv and hot shower naman. BUT, and the big BUT, it is too small even for just a single person! And the bathroom, ughh, I don’t even want to describe it.

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Anyway, if you want to spend the summer and do some Baler surfing, do get in touch with Bart of Istokewa (a friend recommended him to us). He was the one who arranged everything for us from transportation (private van), lodging, surfing lessons, and city tour for a reasonable price.

Hmmm, I think I want to try La Union next! Let’s see if I can this summer! PS Sorry for the sucky camera phone photos, heehee! Follow me on Instagram @hazelsalcedo for more updates! 🙂

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