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So who is Christian Foremost? Consider him your newest gay best friend who wants you to be your best self! He writes about personal stories of growth and advice on mental heath to inspire you to love yourself. I always enjoy reading his posts because he’s so good with words — he even have some published articles on Thought Catalog!

Aside from that, we share the same passion for travel and blogging! So let’s get started with this interview!

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5 Questions With Blogger Christian Foremost

Trip Planning Tip 1

How did you get into travel blogging?

Christian Foremost Blogger Spotlight
Meet Christian Foremost, your newest gay best friend

For most of us, traveling is a chance to escape our chaotic lives and leave our worries a thousand miles away. I fell in love with the feeling of freedom that comes with traveling and the undeniable excitement that surges through your body when you step foot in a new place for the first time.

We never had family vacations when I was growing up so I started traveling very late. The first time I travelled was when I was flown to Taiwan for a business summer camp with a bunch of my other schoolmates. We spent 3 weeks living on campus. We had lectures in the morning, but every night, we’d explore Taiwan’s night market and we also tour around some very famous attractions during the weekends. It was the best 3 weeks of my life. I discovered the joy of seeing, doing and eating things for the first time. I took pictures of absolutely everything. And, I met amazing new people whom I’ve created precious memories I’ll hold on to forever.

I’ve travelled to a lot of other places since, and I wanted to have a way to immortalize every experience. I wanted to use all the pictures I’ve taken and tell the stories behind them. I write about travel stories in my blog so that when I come back to this busy and fast-paced life of mine, I’ll always have something to look back to. I also want to share my travel stories to others to inspire them to go out there, explore the world and make their own memories with people they love. And, isn’t life so much more fun when you know you’ll be flying somewhere in a couple more months?

Trip Planning Tip 2

What do you do when you’re not traveling and blogging?

I work a marketing analyst desk job during weekdays, but it’s kinda boring. Aside from that, I do absolutely everything! I am thrilled to learn new things, try out new hobbies, meet new people and experience new and exciting stuff.

Christian Foremost Blogger
Credit: Christian Foremost

I work out, I bake, I sing, I read, I binge but at the end of the day, I write. I write about everything I do because that’s my number one passion. I put my stories out there in the world and share them to people. My ultimate dream is to have a book published someday. Maybe it can even be adapted into a Netflix movie? Won’t that be something…

Trip Planning Tip 3

What’s your favorite city/country and why?

Sagada will always have a special place in my heart. Sagada for me, will always be frozen in time back to when my friends and I were together, foolish and young. Spelunking in the caves, trekking to the falls, hiking to the tops of the mountain to see the sea of clouds and then, you’ll ride on top of the jeepneys as you go down back to your room completely exhausted.

I swear, if you guys have a chance to visit Sagada, go do it. Bring your lover or take your friends with you. Make your moments and experience the magic the surrounds Sagada.

Trip Planning Tip 4

Can you share some best budget travel tips you swear by?

I should probably be the last person to ask about travel budget tips. I tend to always overspend during my travels because of my motto: “We’re already here, might as well!“. Hahaha.

Credit: Christian Foremost

I do recommend taking advantage of Piso Sales. Hazel has some pretty great advice on that in this blog. Also, it will be great to have all of your hotel accommodations and activities paid months before your actual trip so that all of you have bring with you is your pocket money for food. Also, don’t keep your money all in one place! Scatter them. Put some in your luggage. Put some in your bag. Hide some away with your underwear. LOL.

Trip Planning Tip 5

What’s your next travel destination?

I am itching to go to Thailand when this pandemic is over to meet the love of my life, Bright Vachirawit (Sarawat in 2gether, The Series). My eyes long to see his handsome face and my heart yearns for his embrace. And, I also heard that they have quite a night life in Thailand and I always love a good old night out in the clubs partying. Come with me and let’s have some fun!

Trip Planning Tip Trail 2

So there you have it, that’s Christian Foremost for you, ladies and gents! It’s interesting to know that his love for writing and traveling led him to share his travel stories on his blog to inspire others. Anyway, make sure to check out Christian’s blog and follow his social media accounts!

Blog: Christian Foremost
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Instagram: @christianforemost
Facebook: Christian Foremost

Blogger Spotlight is a series here in Hazy Wanders which aims to feature bloggers from all over the world so we can learn from their lives and experiences. I’ve put the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle bloggers in the past, but this series will now focus more on travel bloggers. If you or anyone you know wants to be featured, shoot me an email! I’d love to connect with fellow travel bloggers!

See you in my next post! Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram for more updates. 💋

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