It is that time of the week to feature another blogger! And the spotlight goes to Melissa of Kiss & Make-up! She’s the first of many international bloggers I will be featuring here so watch out!

Her blog description says “Belgian make-up and beauty blog with a Swiss touch.” I cannot remember how I stumbled across her beauty blog but I soon got hooked cos of her vivid photos, detailed product reviews and she is a real beauty!

And since then, I kept returning to get daily beauty dose and also cos she shares products I would suddenly develop a lust on. Which is btw, bad for my dear wallet… but a girl can dream. Haha!

Melissa of Kiss & Make-up Blog

Anyway. I was curious on what 5 beauty trends she refuse to follow so I went ahead and asked her. Check her interesting answers below!

5 Beauty Trends That Melissa Refuse To Follow

  1. Dark lips. Dark lips were and still are one of the biggest trends this fall and winter, but I personally don’t like them. Very few people can pull off a dark lip, and I’m certainly not one of the lucky few that can. I just don’t think dark lipstick looks flattering on me. It makes my lips look thinner and it ages me, eek! So that’s why I always stick to flattering warm pinks and corals.
  2. Nude make-up  
    Blogger Spotlight #3: Melissa of Kiss & Make-up
    I don’t do nude and refuse to go naked. And by that I mean that you will never see me sporting a nude make-up look. A lot of girls look fantastic in minimal make-up and I really like the fresh, almost-naked looks that we keep seeing on the runways, but it is just not for me. I always put the focus on my eyes, so I always go heavy with the eyeliner and the eyeshadow. Without heavy eye make-up I feel very exposed and insecure.
  3. Claw-like manicures 
    Blogger Spotlight #3: Melissa of Kiss & Make-up
    I like fun manicures and I love it when people go all out with wild colors and intricate nail art designs, but what I really don’t understand is why some people wear these ridiculously long claw-like fake nails. I prefer nails to look natural and to have a normal length.
  4. Pixie hair cuts. Some women look amazing with a pixie hair cut (just look at how Pamela Anderson transformed from bimbo into absolute beauty with her new do!) but I would never cut my hair into a pixie cut myself. The shortest I ever went was a Rihanna-style bob, and I immediately regretted it. I have very thin and fine hair, and my hair just fell so flat on my head and looked really limp and lifeless. So I definitely intend to keep my hair long from now on.
  5. Colorful pedicures. 98.5% of me is a normal 26-year-old girl. The other 1.5% is an atrocious swamp creature with huge hairy feet and monstrous toes. Think Shrek with boobs and eyeliner. Seriously, I really don’t like my big feet and my long toes. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to them, which is why I never paint my toe nails. Colorful pedicures are definitely not for me!

More about Melissa:

Melissa of Kiss & Make-up Blog

My name is Melissa and I’m a 26-year-old beauty blogger with a passion for skiing and hiking. I’m originally from Belgium but I moved to Switzerland last year with my high school sweetheart and soulmate Tom. I currently work for Ladurée (yep, I sell macaroons) but my true passion is make-up and beauty. When Hazel asked me if she could feature me on her blog I immediately said yes. Hazel is a real darling, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to do this collaboration with her!



I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Blogger Spotlight post! If you want to be included in my future spotlight, just email me and I’d be glad to check your blog! 🙂

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