Welcome to the latest installment of our Blogger Spotlight series wherein I feature bloggers from all over the world! Today we have the pleasure to get to know more about Stephanie of the Parisian Abroad blog. If you want to be featured next, make sure to read until the end of this post to find out how. 💖

I love meeting likeminded people and this blog has opened a lot of opportunities for that. So while blog hopping, I stumbled upon Stephanie’s blog called Parisian Abroad and loved her blog right away! I’ve been dreaming about visiting Paris for the longest time and her blog caught my attention.

Parisian Abroad Blog
Steph the blogger behind the Parisian Abroad blog

She’s currently living overseas and not in France at the moment. But you will get a glimpse of her French lifestyle and travel adventures on her blog. She usually shares a lot of tips that are especially helpful for those who want to visit her home country.

Anyway, let us start with the interview!

I prepared five interview questions about travel and travel blogging. Continue reading to get to know Stephanie’s answers and to learn more about her chic Parisian lifestyle!

Trip Planning Tips

5 Questions With Travel Blogger Stephanie of Parisian Abroad Blog

Trip Planning Tip 1

How did you get into travel blogging?

I started my French lifestyle and travel blog (Parisian Abroad) because I meet many people around the world interested in France culture and places to visit. I also traveled a lot so I want to share my experiences and trip itineraries. My knowledge of France means that I can give meaningful insights to people interested in traveling France, and especially Paris (where I am from).

Trip Planning Tip 2

What do you when you’re not traveling and blogging? 

When I am not traveling or blogging, I have a full time job in marketing. I also love going out to bars and cafes, op shops and walks on the beach!

Trip Planning Tip 3

What’s your favorite city/country and why?

My favorite city would be Paris and the country France. It’s probably biased because I am from there but honestly I just love how gorgeous and cultural France and Paris are. This is such a great country for food, fashion, traveling, history, sports, education. I am proud to be French (and Parisian) and that’s also why I started my French lifestyle and travel blog! I know people love and are curious about Paris and France.

Trip Planning Tip 4

Can you share some travel tips you swear by?

My travel tips would be to plan your itinerary in advance, find places not too “touristy” and always find out how you can go from one place to another! Nothing more frustrating than not doing enough research before and get stuck and waste time when you’re on holidays!

Trip Planning Tip 5

What’s your next travel destination? 

My next travel destination is Paris! I am going back for a month to see my family and friends. I live in Australia, far from France, so I try to go back to France at least once a year! 

Trip Planning Tip Trail 2

So there you have it! I hope you learned something new from Stephanie today. Make sure to check out her blog and follow her social media accounts!

Blog: Parisian Abroad
Instagram: @parisianabroadblog
Pinterest: Parisian Abroad
Twitter: @parisianabroad

Blogger Spotlight is a series here in Hazy Wanders which aims to feature bloggers from all over the world so we can learn from their lives and experiences. I’ve put the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle bloggers in the past, but this series will now focus more on travel bloggers. If you or anyone you know wants to be featured, shoot me an email! I’d love to connect with fellow travel bloggers!

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  1. She has a very beautiful smile and she has the same name as my daughter. Living abroad is fun and a challenge. I am glad to hear that she’s going back to Paris soon to visit her family. There is no place like home:)

  2. Stephanie and I have a common denominator when it comes to traveling – opting for the less touristy spots. Also, having to prepare and plan in advance to not ruin the budget. Going to less touristy spots and sharing them to social media would mean help to the existing community there.

  3. I love her advise which is not to focus on places that are already famous. Like her, I appreciate places that are not overrated. I’d go for places that are not yet discovered by many.

  4. I also share same sentiment when it comes to travel. Avoid those crowded places and as much as possible go early to avoid people during rush hours. She has shared valuable insights to enjoy Paris and not waste time.

  5. What a lovely idea to feature blogfers from around the world. It’s an amazing way to exchange culture and experiences, and provides people the opportunity to vicariously.

  6. first of all,i totally love her hair. secondly, id definitely enjoy her blog if i drop by it. and lastly, i bet she is an amazing lady that if worth to be an inspiration. dropping by her blog in 3…2…1…

  7. I seldom read blogs featuring fellow bloggers. This is a great idea for collaboration!
    I like Stephanie’e advise – not to focus on mainstream tourist spots. That’s also one of our travel goals.

  8. I must agree with her belief of going to less touristy places. That way, it is more serene and you could enjoy the place for yourself and experience, as well. Less hassle pa. Ciao!

  9. I agree that avoiding ‘touristy’ destinations should be considered before traveling. The first time I went to Baguio, I wasn’t able to enjoy the fresh air. Super crowded!

  10. Thanks for sharing this awesome interview. You did a great job on featuring her blog. Where in Australia she is?

  11. I hope she was able to fulfill her plan of going back to France prior to lockdown. She is evidently proud of her country. But, of course! I would love to visit Paris, too given the chance.

  12. I love her hair. She pulls it off quite nicely and getting to read a bit about her, makes me curious to find out more. I don’t know much about france and who knows if I’ll ever get to visit it in the future, but for now, a parisian friend sounds awesome. Will check out her blog.

  13. this is such a great idea.. i agree that its best not to focus on places that are not so popular, instead feature other places that can be a tourist deatination as well in that way we can help that place be popular

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