Welcome to the latest installment of our Blogger Spotlight series wherein I feature bloggers from all over the world! Today we have the pleasure to get to know more about Karla Obispo of the Travel With Karla blog. If you want to be featured next, make sure to read until the end of this post to find out how. 💖

Travel With Karla Blog Interview Spotlight

Karla is the teacher from the Philippines who loves to travel – according to her blog’s description. I came across her blog aptly called Travel With Karla when I joined the Facebook group Bloggers PH which she founded. I love the blogging community there where everyone is truly felt welcome.

I admire the dedication she (along with other mods) put into that Facebook group – I felt like I found my tribe! 😂 Aside from that, she also manages her lifestyle and travel blog. Every blog post is fun to read as you will learn different tips, travel guides, latest food to try, fitness tips, and more.

Anyway, I won’t keep my intro long! Let us start with the interview!

I prepared five interview questions about travel and travel blogging. Continue reading to get to know Karla’s answers and to learn some valuable tips from her!

Trip Planning Tips

5 Questions With Travel Blogger Karla of Travel with Karla

Trip Planning Tip 1

How did you get into travel blogging?

Since I was in high school, I keep on making journals and scrapbooks to document the significant moments of my life. When I moved to Korea, I had no idea where to print my travel photos. It’s the time that I thought about making an online journal instead. Although I have a personal blog when I was in college (2010), I started making travel blogs in 2016.

Trip Planning Tip 2

What do you do when you’re not traveling and blogging?

I teach medical professionals (nurses, medical technologists, physical therapists) on weekdays. I’m a licensed teacher and I’ve been teaching IELTS/TOEFL for more than two years now. In my free time, I usually watch Korean Dramas and other TV Series. These days, I find myself enjoying different types of workouts. Since I can’t travel much, I spend time doing physical activities that can make me fit. On weekends, I edit the online worship service for our church. 

Trip Planning Tip 3

What’s your favorite city/country and why?

Seoul is my favorite city. It’s my second home. I lived there for two years and whenever I visit Seoul, it makes me feel that I belong there. I love how they preserved the culture and the nature despite the development of the city. Also, I never run out of things to try there. 

Trip Planning Tip 4

Can you share some travel tips you swear by?

Live in the moment. Contrary to what other people do, I usually refrain from using my social media while I’m traveling. I often post pictures when I’m already home. It takes time to think about the filter, the caption, and whatever stuff you do before posting a picture so I save it for later. When I’m in a certain place, I make sure to enjoy the activities there. The bad thing is that I sometimes forget to take a picture. LOL

Travel With Karla Blog Interview 3

Eat local food. It’s not all the time that we can try authentic meals so I allot a budget for that. I don’t want to go home having any regrets that I didn’t try a certain food when I had a chance. I always take pictures of food so I can immortalize the moment! 

Be flexible! It’s great to make a detailed itinerary before going to another place/country. Sometimes, I don’t follow my itinerary and spend a day just to relax and roam around freely. I try to live like a local. Other times, I even wear their traditional clothes! Don’t be frustrated when your day doesn’t go the way you planned it.

Trip Planning Tip 5

What’s your next travel destination?

I’m planning to have an Indochina trip after this pandemic. I’m supposed to go there last holy week but it was cancelled due to a travel ban. I’m so excited to explore the different cultures of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. 

Trip Planning Tip Trail 2

So there you have it! I hope you learned something new from Karla today. I sure enjoyed getting to know more about Karla and was amazed to discover that we share the same views on travel. Especially living in the moment part! Her travel tips are also very worthy to take note of for your next trip! Let’s all hope we can travel again soon. Stay safe for now, guys! 🙏🏻

Anyway, make sure to check out Karla’s blog and follow her social media accounts!

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  1. Oooh it is so cool to learn about Karla! It is always great to see what travel bloggers do. Best way to learn tips and tricks before making some mistakes hehe. I still need to go to Seoul one day! AND YES ABOUT LIVING IN THE MOMENT!! You can take pictures but don’t spend the time there to think of a caption. Wait til later! Thanks for sharing some insights with Karla!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  2. Here’s to more about Karla, I enjoyed reading this because I got to know her even more. I wish that someday I’ll be able to meet her in person and share stories to tell about the journey. Thank you Ate <3

  3. Before anything else…hi Hazel! I just wanna say that you’re an addition to my list of favorite blogs dahil it’s super organize, which unfortunately the exact opposite with my blog. LOL! I like how everything is presented and the cute little graphics makes your brand stand out. Saka inspiration ko yung Pinterest mo. 🙂 Back to Karla, she’s really nice and she has helped a lot of bloggers including me through Bloggers PH. Gaya mo, I have found my tribe. Lahat ng mga favorites ko ngayon eh nakilala ko dun sa group eh.

  4. This is really interesting. This is the first blog I have seen that allows other bloggers to be featured. Through this blog, I gained knowledge about Ate Karla who is such a nice person.

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