And yes folks, we are back to featuring another blogger this week! Two weeks ago I launched a new section in this blog called “Blogger Spotlight”. It’s still on beta phase as I pool in more bloggers to interview and wait for their response, so forgive me for not being able to do this thing weekly as initially planned. Maybe we can do twice a month, yes?

Anyhow. Everyone meet Victoria of Makeup Et Cetera! She has one of those blogs which may be lengthy at times but certainly worth the read cos of her witty ways. Love the nicely photographed product shots as well!

Blogger Spotlight Victoria

I asked about Victoria’s “Top 5 Beauty Products I Keep on Buying.” See this blogger’s response below…

  1. Lipstick. No shade in particular (although I was able to finish up one tube which is Mac Taupe), but I really could not live without lipsticks. I would look so pale and sick without them on so they’re definitely a must for me.
  2. Foundation. For someone who has a pretty bad case of acne and acne scarring, foundation is one of the things that could not be removed from my daily routine. Whether liquid, cream, or powder, foundation will always, always be a staple item for me.
  3. Eyebrow pencil. My brows are a definite royal mess and they’re just seriously all over the place. If I don’t fix it or do something to make it look presentable to the public, I’d look like an alien (I have heard this comment more than once from friends who have seen me with bare brows, lol).The last two are both skin care items. Because I have a very problematic skin, these are a must for me.
  4. Facial cleanser/Makeup remover. I have incorporated both items because I believe they go hand in hand, especially for someone who’s an everyday wearer of makeup. You really have to make it a habit to clean your face everyday, irregardless if you’re going out or just staying at the comforts of your home. And if you have the same type of skin like mine (sensitive, acne-prone, combination/oily), facial cleansers aren’t optional. And of course, makeup removers. Like I mentioned, if you’re an everyday wearer of makeup, you really need to invest on some good makeup removers that you’re sure would remove at least 95% of your makeup for the day. It’s never good to sleep with a dirty or makeup-filled face.
  5. Moisturizer. Because I have treatments for my acne and breakouts that is causing my skin to dry up, moisturizers have become my best friend. It used to be optional for me since I felt that it causes me to be oilier than usual, but now, it isn’t anymore. Sans moisturizer, my face looks and feels like it’s going through major drought. Not pretty.


More about Victoria:

I’m a 22-year-old Filipina that has become majorly addicted to makeup and anything beauty-related about 3 years ago. I am still a tomboy at heart, though. It just so happens that I’m a tomboy that loves mascara and red lipstick :p I started blogging about a decade ago but I have just recently entered the world of beauty blogging. I feel like I would make more sense if I talk about makeup or beauty products instead of just talking about my personal life–which is a snoozefest, if you’re wondering.

On a more personal note, I fix softwares for a living and I’m more alive and awake at night (because I’m really a vampire), but sadly, I work during the day. I am the only child of my mother and the youngest from my father’s side (don’t ask). I am an out and proud lesbian and have been with my girlfriend for 2 awesomesauce years 🙂

I guess that’s all there is really to know about me.

UPDATE: She now blogs at

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Blogger Spotlight post! If you want to be included in my future spotlight, just email me and I’d be glad to check your blog! 🙂

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