In case you didn’t know yet, Boracay is back and has reopened already! I’m curious how it looks like now after the 6-month rehabilitation ordered by the government.

Boracay is back… and you can’t party by the beach anymore!

I read that Boracay will never be the same again. No more beach parties, no more loud music. Having a mixed feeling about this. I mean that’s what makes Boracay unique! The fun vibe! There’s a place for everyone – if you love partying, you can go bar hopping effortlessly; if you like to unwind and have some quiet moment, then you can easily stroll by the white sand beach.

Now everything will be regulated – there will be a cap on the number of visitors, and there will be limited number of rooms available for occupancy (meaning not all hotels are back in operation just yet). Unfortunately, something like this has to be done because people went overboard, what with irresponsible tourists and greedy businessmen who abused what the island can offer.

Boracay is Back! And You Can’t Party On The Beach Anymore!

A month before Boracay closed down last March 2018, I still got to celebrate my birthday on this beautiful island. Our trip was from March 19 to 22 and the whole island was forced to close down on April 26th. Wow! Just our luck! Imagine the hassle of rebooking and getting refunds from the hotel if our flight was affected! I feel bad for those who actually experienced this.

Boracay is Back! And You Can’t Party On The Beach Anymore!

Even though I’ve been to the world-famous Boracay island a few times before already, this trip was extra memorable because it has been on my bucket list since forever to spend my birthday by the beach – and finally it happened! And bonus pa, cos I was with the boyfie! 😀

Sharing some highlights from our trip! We really didn’t have any itinerary; we didn’t do any water activities nor the usual island hopping. We just enjoyed hanging by the beach, people watching, reading a book, listening to music, having a good conversation, laughing our hearts out, eating delicious food, and of course, drinking ice-cold beer. Best. Birthday. Ever.

Boracay is Back! And You Can’t Party On The Beach Anymore!

Boracay is Back! And You Can’t Party On The Beach Anymore!

Boracay is Back! And You Can’t Party On The Beach Anymore!

Til next time, Boracay! You will always have a special place in my heart, always. I just wish tourists and locals alike will continue to help preserve your beauty so the future generations can still witness your full glory.

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  1. Though it’s really saddening how we cant party by the beach anymore. I still love the fact that they try to make boracay somehow serene. Hopefully they’ll find a way to somehow do Both

  2. I love the old Boracay, too. This is both a happy and sad moment. But we have to focus on our environment and for the future of our generation.

  3. i havent been to boracay since 2017.. kaya di ko pa din na eexperience yung “new” feels ng isla. ive always loved visiting because there was a point in my life that i rode a plane and stayed there for a week, but my ticket was then one way, so there’s no date when i was coming back. i came to know a couple of locals that my cousin who was then living in the island knows and are friends with. they were like family to me as well. kaya naging second home ko na din ang boracay. nakaka miss talaga sila. noong single in my 20’s ako every year until i got preggo haha!

  4. I was too young to enjoy these things before. Ngayon, I just can’t help but to get jealous of people who enjoyed partying in Boracay. I often ask my mom why I was born second. Hahahahahaha! If only I am the panganay, I am 29 this year and most probably I have been to Bora, partying!

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