• Sunday Selfie

    Sunday Selfie: Something Vintage

    This pretty little dressing room deserves some #selfie! Plus, the dress I tried on looks really cute! Whachathink? It’s from Aeropostale and it’s down to Php 995 from 2000 plus!!! Sunday Selfie Did I get it? Nope! HAHA! When your sisters tell you their super belated gift is a shopping-spree-afternoon, it can get tough choosing!…

  • back to the 80s

    Sunday Selfie: Back to the 80’s

    Didn’t realize my look for today was very 80’s until my sister and mom pointed it out! I know it’s summer and effin hot as hell but I get really chilly inside the cinema so I chose to wear this oversized sweater. I bought it from my classmate a few months ago, go check her…

  • What Is Your Summer Style

    What Is Your Summer Style?

    My summer style is definitely all about the basics! That is white blouse, shorts, flip flops, while sipping margarita by the beach. But if you are not hitting Boracay anytime soon, bring in the summer into the city. I love Rachel Bilson’s easy breezy style so she was my fashion inspiration when I was coming…