• Balesin Island Resort Philippines Travel Blog

    Beautiful Balesin Island Resort | 1 Minute Travel Video

    Hi guys! Guess what? I made my first ever travel video! Haha! I was recently in Balesin Island Resort, a private, for members-only island located in the Quezon Province. It is approximately 25 minutes from Manila via chartered plane. It is so beautiful I would not pass the chance to document it! I only see…

  • South Korea Adventure Blog

    4 Helpful Tips for Your South Korea Adventure

    If there’s one place I would love to visit again it’s definitely South Korea! My friend recently sent a message in our Viber group reminding us that it has almost been 2 years since our South Korea adventure. Hahaha awww good times! Can’t help but feel nostalgic about it too. Went there with my high…