Read on to see this week’s edition of #ChooseDay Tuesday and my pick for winged bags!

Winged Bags Edition

Do you ever get that feeling of love at first sight? That is what I felt when I recently saw my new bag crush! Can you guess which among the two it is – the Michael Kors Selma bag or the Celine luggage medium tote?

#ChooseDay: Winged Bags Edition

Winged Bags Edition

Nope, not this Celine luggage medium tote! But they say this French luxury brand started the craze over winged bags! Soon after Prada, LV and other designer brands started releasing winged bags.

Winged Bags Edition

Anyway, if you guess this Michael Kors Selma bag as my new bag crush, then you are absolutely right! I was with my friend when I first saw this and we even went back to inspect it again after checking Michael Kors website.

We found out it is one of their latest releases this year. That same day, I read an Inquirer lifestyle column of The Bag Hag Diaries hailing this as one of the best winged bags for 2013! Talk about serendipity or something like that, right?

Like a true fan girl crushing on someone something that I am, I stalked this bag some more and found many raves online! It is made of Saffiano leather which looks durable and I love that it is lightweight!

It retails at around Php 15,000. Yes quite steep, but Michael Kors is already one of the most affordable designer bags I know that has quality and sophisticated designs.

Both brands also carry more eye-catching colors, but I like them in navy blue so I can easily mix and match with my outfits. Obviously, my pick would be MK!

Okay I will stop blabbing about bags now. How about you? Do you also like winged bags? Share your faves or bag crushes in the comment section below! You can also tweet me or post on my Facebook page.

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