DIY: Affordable Brush Storage

You don’t have to spend a fortune on makeup/beauty/tools container cos sometimes you just have to be creative and find affordable brush storage alternatives.

You can have affordable brush storage using food containers!

Yes, food containers can be turn into brush storage! I found this glass container which comes in a 3-pc set for only Php 279 at the home section of Robinson’s Department Store! The other two pieces are short ones so I gave them to my mom. I honestly just need this tall container cos I have long brushes, but they don’t sell it individually. Seems pretty sturdy to me and I like that it’s clear, so I still bought it anyway.

Weeeee! My brushes now have a home! These are just the ones I use regularly or on rotation. I still keep the rest in my brush bag (see my other makeup storage ideas here).

Quick tip! Fill the container with beads not just to add color, but also to make your brushes stand and not touch the sides of the container.

My question to you: where do you keep your brushes? Do you have any similar affordable brush storage ideas?

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