Here is a quick product review on the Girlactik Matte Bronzer! Plus, I made an easy how to contour tutorial, so read until the end!

I only recently got into contouring when I received a bronzer from Girlactik. At first I was clueless on how to contour so I watched countless of how-to videos on Youtube. Many girls are intimidated (me included) on doing this makeup trick but trust me, it makes all the difference if you do it right! I myself have a round face and contouring does help to make certain features stand out and to achieve a more defined face.  

Girlactik Matte Bronzer Product Review And How To Contour Tutorial

How to Contour with Girlactik Matte Bronzer

First you need to have the right products. In this case you need bronzer (preferably matte) and sculpting brush. As I have mentioned, I am currently using Girlactik Matte Bronzer in Casablanca. I like how pigmented it is and a little goes a long way.

The shade Casablanca is a bit orangey on me initially but since I got a bit darker from my beach trip a month ago, it now became more suitable. In choosing the perfect bronzer you must keep in mind to pick a shade or two darker than your actual skin tone. My only drawback with the Girlactik bronzer is the price. It is a bit costly at Php 2,110.00! 

Girlactik Matte Bronzer Product Review And How To Contour Tutorial

I have said this countless of times but I am really in love with Virginia Olsen Sculpting brush! It is also one of their bestsellers. It does the job right and makes contouring incredibly easy! 

Now that you know which products to use let us move on to the tutorial!

After you are done with your makeup base (primer, foundation, concealer, etc.), proceed with applying matte bronzer as illustrated on picture #1 below. Concentrate on applying diagonally under your cheekbones or parallel to your jaw line to make your cheekbones pop. Also apply bronzer on your jaw line and under your chin to make your round face look more elongated. Do not forget to blend to remove harsh lines. 

Girlactik Matte Bronzer Product Review And How To Contour Tutorial

You can also contour your nose by drawing a thin straight line on the sides of your nose from the bridge straight down. You should notice your nose appear longer and thinner. Blend until no harsh lines can be seen.

Girlactik Matte Bronzer Product Review And How To Contour Tutorial

Finish the look by applying highlighter (especially on your brow bone and the bridge of your nose) and blush, and you are ready to go! Do not worry if you did not get it right the first time or the bronzer was not even or something – because eventually you will improve over time. Practice, practice, practice until you master this makeup technique, that is what I always remind myself.

Have fun contouring, buttercups!

Girlactik Bronzer: Glorietta 5 or visit their website at
Virginia Olsen Sculpting Brush: The Ramp Crossings, Shangrila Mall or visit their website at

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