Are you wondering which one is better – honey wax or cream hair removal? Stick around as I share my thoughts about this topic.

I know summer is in full swing right now and it’s time to bare more flesh in the sun! But you got no extra time/cash to go to a waxing salon and you want to do it yourself? Or just plain curious on how to remove unwanted hair using honey wax or cream? Which one is better? Less painful? Let me answer all that and more!

Hair Removal Products

Honey Wax vs Hair Removal Cream Which One Is Better?

I got two products for comparison – Nanny Rose’s Sticks & Pulls Honey Wax and Veet Hair Removal Cream

Honey Wax Hair Removal Method

First, let’s discuss the Honey Wax from Nanny Rose. This sweet thing here has some cute packaging. I got the small tub which contains 50g. And as you can see it says hot or cold… yes, for the first timers, you can apply it cold if you want it to be less painful.

Honey Wax vs Hair Removal Cream Which One Is Better?

So here are the contents. I like that they are very generous with the wooden applicators and the pulls (cloths). And the fact that the pulls are reusable and washable! I didn’t finish the whole tub in one usage… so yeah, a 50g definitely is not for one-time use only that’s why the extra applicators and pulls are definitely useful for next time!

Honey Wax vs Hair Removal Cream Which One Is Better?

And here are the simple steps. Prior to this, put the tub in a microwave oven (remove the cap) and heat for 10-15 seconds (in medium heat). This will allow the mixture to soften. Stir and wait until the temperature is cool enough to apply on skin. Wash the target area and dab powder before applying the honey wax then follow steps 1 to 4 in the picture below.

Honey Wax vs Hair Removal Cream Which One Is Better?

And viola! HAIR-FREE leg! 🙂 Let skin rest for at least 30 minutes before washing the waxed area to allow pores to close.


It was a bit painful, but tolerable. After one swift of the pull, you’ll get the hang of it (at least that’s what I felt) so the next pull you’ll barely feel anything. This promises skin smooth and hairless for 3-4 weeks!!! So I think that’s a fair trade-off for a little ouch factor. For a first timer like me in using honey wax for hair removal, this product is definitely worth it!

Where to buy? Exclusively distributed by WATSONS for only Php 99.75 for a 50g tub.

Cream Hair Removal Method

Now, let’s talk about the VEET Hair Removal Cream. Personally, I’ve been using this for quite a long time already. It’s easy, painless, and unlike the Nanny Rose’s Honey Wax, this takes lesser time in terms of hair removal application. It could be done in 20 minutes for both legs.

The box contains the cream tube and a spatula. The steps are so easy I summed them up into this:

Honey Wax vs Hair Removal Cream Which One Is Better?


I never ever shave my legs before, and VEET has always been my go-to hair removal product. Hair regrowth was not kinky/hard and my skin was smooth after thanks to the aloe vera and vitamin E this product contains. But compared to Nanny Rose’s Honey Wax, this takes 1-2 weeks only before hair grows back.

Where to buy? WATSONS or department store for only Php 100+ for 25g.

Between the two, I prefer VEET more because it’s easier to apply. But in terms of the convenience of being hairless for up to 4 weeks, Nanny Rose’s wins.

So there, hope this blog entry helps! Enjoy summer, hair-free! 🙂

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