For the unlucky ones who have short necks, don’t you wish you can just make neck look longer? Like pull your neck up for it to appear a bit longer? I know I would!

I don’t know if it is just me but I find long necks extremely sexy! I envy those girls who have nice genes and nice necks to boot! But before you go on a I-hate-my-parents’-genes-why-don’t-I-have-a-long-neck monologue, fret not because you can still make it appear like it is been stretched up.

Here are some of my tips to have that illusion of a longer and leaner neck. 

6 Ways To Make Neck Look Longer

1. Wear long necklaces

Yes, as simple as an accessory could sometimes do the trick. Choosing long necklaces over short ones could give the illusion of an elongated neck. How long is long depends on your style, but usually pick a length that falls down to the center of the chest. 

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

2. Avoid the turtleneck

I always, always veer away from turtlenecks! They eat my short neck alive and leave nothing to fancy about! Yes, they are cute and comfy to wear but for short necks like me, this is a big NO. 

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

3. Opt for v-neck tops

Instead, you may opt for v-neck tops. That added skin that shows off when wearing a v-neck gives the impression of a longer neck. 

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

4. Try scoop neck tops

Or you can try wearing scoop neck tops if v-necks are too revealing for you. This can instantly make neck look longer.  

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

5. Unbutton your blouse

If you are wearing a button-down blouse, leave one or two unbuttoned to expose the neckline. Putting the collar up can also make your neck look leaner. 

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

6. Get a pixie cut

And for the daring and bold ones, having a pixie cut can make the neck look longer by revealing the jaw line. A bob cut also extends the appearance of the neck. 

How Can You Make Neck Look Longer

Hope you find this helpful. I will be sharing more tips next time! 

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