These tips and tricks to make you more insta chic will come in handy especially if you love taking a #selfie and posting it online! Do you want to highlight a new ‘do, show-off your perfected eyeliner, or you just want to annoy people with your duck face? Stick around to learn how to get the best IG shot that is double tap worthy!

5 Tips and Tricks To Make You Insta Chic

1. Lighting

Natural light enhances your features so it’s better to take selfies early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Try taking photos by the window where soft light hits your face from the side and you wll be amazed how good lighting can help improve your selfie.

2. Angle

Check yourself in the mirror and examine which angle you look best. Aiming straight on the camera may only highlight your chubby cheeks. A slight tilt can do wonders! Another tip is take photos from just above you as this is way more flattering than a shot from below (no to double chin!).

How To Be Insta Chic

3. Makeup

Avoid looking pale in your selfie (unless this is what you’re aiming for) by swiping lipstick or applying blush on your cheeks. Don’t be afraid to try bold or eye-popping colors as your camera phone may wash them out a little anyway.

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4. Hair

They say hair is one’s crowning glory so make sure your hair is cooperating when taking selfies. Add volume to hair if necessary, especially both up top and around the sides, as photos tend to shrink it or make it look flat. Hats and caps are good hair accessories, too!

How To Be Insta Chic

5. Have fun!

People will notice a genuine smile or a fake one. Be yourself and enjoy making wacky poses! Just please do not upload them all at once, unless you want people to start unfollowing you. Pick and upload the best shot and let the “liking” begin!

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