Do you want to level up your IG game? Wondering which theme to do next for your Instagram? Do you want to learn how to create an Instagram puzzle feed? Let me show you how you can do all that in this post!

A few months ago I wanted to revamp my Instagram look and was wondering what to do. I have been obsessing over puzzle feeds at the time as well. So I checked tutorials on how to do it. Some required Photoshop – and that’s how I did it at first but it was too time-consuming for me.

Instagram Puzzle Feed Tutorial

Luckily, there’s another way to do Instagram puzzle feed and no Photoshop required! And get this – you can do it on your mobile phone! I’ve been doing it ever since (check my Instagram @hazywanders) I discovered how easy it is. Eventually, a lot of people have been sending me DMs to ask how I do it. So I thought I will just create a tutorial to help you guys out!

Keep on reading or watch the quick video tutorial below to learn how! Plus I included 5 FREE templates to get you started!

Instagram Puzzle Feed Video Tutorial

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For those who prefer to read instructions than to watch the video tutorial… here you go! 😉

3 FREE Apps To Create An Instagram Puzzle Feed

Before we start make sure you have these 3 apps on your phone. These are are all available for FREE on the App Store and on Google Play.

Download these apps first!
  • Canva – Create beautiful designs using Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts.
  • Grid Post – Split (or crop) your large rectangular photos into a number of square pics and upload them to Instagram easily. Here’s the download link to Google Play or App Store.
  • Preview – Hands down one of the best Instagram feed planners I’ve used and it’s FREE! This allows you to preview your Instagram feed before you post them.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Open Canva and click “Custom Dimensions”.
  2. Determine how many puzzle feed posts you want to create as the grid dimension would depend on that.
    • If you want to create 9 posts (3 x 3 grid) = enter 3240 x 3240
    • If you want to create 12 posts (3 x 4 grid) = enter 3240 x 4320
    • If you want to create 15 posts (3 x 5 grid) = enter 3240 x 5400

      TIP: A single Instagram square post should be 1080 x 1080 px. This ensures your posts are of high quality and not pixelated when you upload them on Instagram.
  3. After you input your desired width and length, a blank canvas will open. Start designing! You can insert photos and simply drag and drop them to position them according to your preference. I like adding polaroids, paint splashes, and masking tapes to add a little oomph to my layout. There are tons of nice icons, shapes, and illustrations you can add, just click “Elements” and search for them.

    TIP: You can change the colors, insert text, change the background, and so on. The sky is the limit when designing in Canva!
  4. Once you’re done, click “Save As Image” and wait for your design to be downloaded to your phone.
  5. Now time to cut your design into grid posts. Go and open the Grid Post app, upload your design, and click on the grid option that corresponds to your layout’s dimension (3 x 4, 3 x 5, etc). Then click “Next” and wait for your layout to be sliced accordingly. There might be some ads before you can see the “Done” button. Lastly, click the “Camera Roll”. You should now have the individual grid posts saved on your phone.
  6. So now it’s time to check how your puzzle feed looks like – just open the Preview app. Select the photos from your camera roll and upload them to Preview. Note that you can upload a max of 10 photos at a time. So just repeat the process until you see all your Instagram puzzle feed posts in the Preview feed.
  7. Check if each photo has been cut the way you want it to be. If not, simply go back to Canva and adjust accordingly.

And you’re done! Have fun uploading them on Instagram!

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Instagram Puzzle Feed Tips

Since I’ve been doing the Instagram puzzle feed on my own account for a few months now, I have picked a few tips and tricks along the way.

  • You can create your Instagram puzzle feed on your phone or laptop. Good thing Canva can work on both! I find it much easier when I do it on my laptop.
  • It would be nice if each grid post can stand on its own. Remember your followers can see one post at a time and you won’t expect them to check your profile every time to see what your whole feed looks like. So my golden rule is to create posts that tell a story on their own.
  • It’s good to have a mood board for your feed. This will dictate the overall look and feel of your feed. So choose your fonts, colors, and other branding assets accordingly. For me, as you can see I love polaroids, masking tapes, etc. I wanted to have a sort of scrapbook vibe.

Instagram Puzzle Feed Sample
Sample Instagram puzzle feed

💡 PRO TIP: If you own a blog, you can try using the same fonts and colors for your Instagram puzzle feed too. It helps make people remember you easily if your brand image is consistent across all your social media channels.

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5 FREE Instagram Puzzle Feed Templates

If you still don’t get how to do it or you simply want to jumpstart your Instagram puzzle feed revamp with the help of pre-made templates, then here you go!

I made 5 FREE templates on Canva! DOWNLOAD FREE TEMPLATES HERE. Yes, absolutely FREE! 💙

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CREATE A COPY and edit that copy. Do NOT edit the original file. Let us all help ensure these templates are used properly. Please let me know if something is wrong.

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Instagram Puzzle Feed Free Templates
Instagram Puzzle Feed Tutorial

So there you have it! Thank you for reading this Instagram puzzle feed tutorial! Do tag me on your Instagram puzzle feed creations, I would love to see them! As always, you can reach me anytime if you have any questions or comment down below.

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  1. I use Canva for some of my side projects, as well as for the client work that I do (for their social media) and it’s amazing! I would also highly recommend it. 🙂

  2. i had never heard of a puzzle feed. fascinating stuff as i am trying to bring my Insta thread back to life so to speak. fyi i clicked on your templates and didn’t get a chance to save them to my canva account. 🙁

  3. Thank you for sharing these helpful resources. I didn’t know that there’s a lot of free resources out there to make our IG page more appealing. How I wish I could have the creativity to create nicer contents than the ones I have on my page right now… hehhee

  4. Your instagram is really so beautiful!! It fits perfectly with the purpose of your page on travel blogging. I super love it! I’m also on my way to reconfiguring my Instagram to fit well with my brand. My insta is bitethegram and I picked the template of having black frames around photos.. Ic hose this cause it’s easier to manage yet also has an impact. I also use canva and preview for these!

  5. Uy maganda to pang up ng game sa IG! I already use canva and photoshop, pag may time constraints ako I am definitely using this tool too. And nakakatuwa lang kasi ang natutunan ko as a photog na nag bblog is na kahit nasa bahay tayo, simple man yung subject mo, basta maganda ang ilaw tas may canva ka for sure maganda ang mga maipopost. kahit hindi travel hehehe

  6. Ang ganda ng IG feed mo. Para gusto ko i-try ito kapag sinipag akong ayusin ang IG ko. Thanks for sharing these tips at yung mga Apps na gamit mo, laking tulong nito sa akin na walang kaalam alam sa mga ganyan. Hehe..

  7. How do you actually download it? I open the link , saw 5 design, logged in my canva, but i dont see any create copy or save link? do help. Thanks in advance!

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