June Monthly Beauty Favorites

Top 5 June Monthly Beauty Favorites

Feels like forever since I last updated my blog! But now time for my June monthly beauty favorites post wherein I share my top 5 used and abused products from the previous month. Here are my top 5 beauty picks for the month of June!

June Monthly Beauty Favorites

Top 5 June Monthly Beauty Favorites

  1. L’Oreal Shine Caresse lip gloss in Iris. I like how moisturizing and hydrating this gloss is without the heavy, sticky feeling. I also have this in pink shade (Luna) but Iris eventually won me over cos its coral. Check out swatches and detailed product review here
  2. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. I finally bought one last month and I enjoy using it! Remember my experience with a certain eyeliner which turned out to be a BIG disappointment? Well K-Palette is nothing like that! The felt tip creates a fine, smooth line with no unnecessary tugging of lids required. I’ll post a detailed product review so stay tuned!
  3. Virginia Olsen HD Mineral Mattifying Base. My makeup routine has been much simpler these days… I only apply moisturizer and then loose powder or this HD Mineral Mattifying Base from Virginia Olsen. Yes, I skip foundation/BB cream altogether! The result? Less oil build up by midday! 
  4. Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash Elemi & Orange. I love how refreshing the orange scent of this facial wash, especially in the morning. It has tiny bits of solid particles/granule which makes this a good facial scrub as well.  
  5. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. Rainy day, don’t care attitude made me abuse my secret weapon – red lipstick! No matter how bare the rest of my face is, a red lipstick never fails to make me look all made up.  I only have a few red bold ones, and so Ruby Woo became my default fave. 

That wraps up my June monthly beauty favorites! Do check out my past monthly faves posts, too!

How about you? What products were you obsessed with in the past month? I love hearing from my readers! Do leave a comment, tweet me at @hazelsalcedo, send questions via my Ask Box, or post a message on my Facebook page. Talk to you soon, okay? ❤

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