Almost all countries all over the world are experiencing some form of a lockdown right now. It’s the only way we can stop spread the coronavirus disease and help flatten the curve. Stay home, save lives as they say. So it became the new normal for everyone – for those who can work from home, they do so; and students continue with their studies online.

But what will happen after the lockdown? Continue reading as I asked around some of my fellow bloggers to see what they’re looking forward to once this pandemic ends.

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With so much time at our disposal now that we have nowhere else to go, this has given us the chance to do things we have been putting off for ages. Clean the house, check. Do some sort of closet makeover, done! Start a hobby or play chef in the kitchen, done and done. Helped out even in your own little way, check! (If you still haven’t, then check out these 5 simple ways you can help during COVID-19 outbreak amidst the lockdown – click here).

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Life before the lockdown

This has also given us time to think about a lot of things. To daydream about future plans. I’m sure people cannot wait for this to be all over. So I posted this question on my Facebook page and got a lot of responses from my fellow bloggers!

💭🤔 What are the things you will do and the places you will visit once this whole lockdown is over? 🌎🥰

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Here are their answers (published as is)! Some are inspiring and relatable, others are unique, and all are just as excited as I am to be able to go outside freely again after the lockdown!

21 Bloggers Share What They Will Do Once This Lockdown Ends

I can’t wait to reschedule travel that was cancelled including London and to go sit outside at a favorite lunch spot and enjoy the social scene again.

Erin Woodhouse

My bf and I are planning to explore Vigan. I hope by the time I go back to Pinas, COVID is gone. 🙏

Sarrah Jane Cea

Back to work then after few months, back to our Philippine Provinces travel goal 😊

Rhianne Ardines Flora

Buy my favorite milk tea (closed kasi huhu), then go to my friends/relatives! 🙂 that’s the first!

Rae Caja Floresca

Go back to work muna para makabawi ng budget 😅 Out of town trip with our furbabies!

Nadtja Villaver

Back to work muna! Nakakamiss mag barista!

Nina Stephanie Tanawit

My own dream travel is South Korea! Pero pagkatpos ng lahat ng to gusto kong mag punta ng Beach with my whole family.

Neri Ann

I’m going to continue my plans of exploring Indochina. My flights are either cancelled or rescheduled. I’ll travel hard as soon as this is over 🙂

Karla Obispo

Yeah, as most of the people I can’t wait to travel again. We had to cancel two different trips because of the virus. I really hope that this will go quicker than we think. Stay safe 🙂

Sara Cellini

I hope to be able to settle back in my home city, Iloilo, as we have already planned. this pandemic is making us re-evaluate our plans.

Wendyflor Palomo

Girl ako I’ll go kahit saan. Near, far where ever you are!! Huhuhuhu. Still grieving over my canceled palawan trip kaya igogora ko na ng todo when all of this is over. Hopefully soon.

Christian Formoso

Rebooking our flight to the end of November and spending Christmas in New York.

Margaux Hemady

Out of town trip with my bf and furbabies. Ang daming naresched na travel gigs dahil sa quarantine 🙁 so I can’t wait na matapos na eto 😀

Jacquelou Colitoy

We want to have a joy ride for a week or two to mt. Province, Benguet, La Union, Pangasinan and back to Manila

Joanne Coriag-Kitan

First, Samgyupppp!!! Then unli-wings! Then Finally going to Siargao! As in finally eto na to! After lockdown wala na makakapigil saken ahaha!

Adam Belda

Prepare for the postponed Pinas visit soon matapos eto! Miss na miss ko na ang Filipino foods <3

Ann Yaa

I’m moving when this is over. 🙂

Nina Ahmedow

Gusto ko kumain ng samgyupsal! And magpunta sa beach with my family!

Nica Rivera

Well, we were planning to go to Malaysia and Benguet. Baka hindi na muna matuloy ang Malaysia…pero ang benguet and bohol, baka ituloy na namin.

May De Jesus-Palacpac

I’ll do filming location since yun ung nabitin na plan ko after bago nagkaroon ng corona outbreak.

Abby Sung

Gusto ko na mag-work kahit nakaka-stress minsan. Hahaha!

Karla Niña Mallannao
Life after lockdown for bloggers

As for me, I’m trying to get some normalcy back to my life by accepting the fact that this is our reality for now. And just daydreaming my next travel soon! Share your own dream travels and things you will do after this lockdown in the comments below!👇🏻

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Stay safe everyone! If you can, please stay at home during the lockdown and go out only if necessary. 🙏

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