Today I will be sharing with you a beauty hack I recently discovered! It is using your lipstick with concealer to come up with a new look. 

Tired of your same old lipstick color? Or perhaps you got the wrong shade of concealer? Darniiit! Hey hey, calm down… you can still use them! Let me show you how… really it is so simple! You are welcome. 

Lipstick With Concealer Trick
Lipstick With Concealer Trick

Lipstick With Concealer Trick

I have this Maybelline lipstick in Coral Crush that I do not get to wear often anymore. In real life it is really this shocking orange-y pink color (I don’t know why my camera didn’t register the color quite well, but anywhooo).

It is not so office-appropriate in my opinion so I had to device a way to make it more wearable. And tada! I used it together with my Krave concealer and the result was amazeballs! I do not have much nude lippies and you know how important that is for dramatic smokey eye look, right? 

TIPS: It is best to use a concealer stick or cream instead of liquid ones. And this trick works great when your lipstick shade is very bright.

Anyway, go grab your lippies and concealer and start experimenting! Enjoy this lipstick with concealer trick! Let me know how it goes for you by sharing your result. Tweet me or send me a message on my Facebook page

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