Did you know that it’s possible to enjoy Macau in 24 hours? If you included a quick day trip to Macau in your Hong Kong itinerary and have no idea what to do and see in this Asian destination – then I got you covered! Keep on reading this Macau travel guide for a comprehensive list of activities and top tourist attractions in Macau for first-timers! The best part is they’re mostly CHEAP or FREE!

⚠️ IMPORTANT REMINDER: Postpone, don’t cancel! Let’s save the tourism industry. Some information in this post may have changed due to the pandemic and it might affect your travel plans. Always be a responsible traveler and keep yourself updated by reading COVID-19 advice from your local authorities and in your point of destination/s before traveling. You can go ahead and take inspiration from this post, bookmark it, or save it on your Pinterest travel board for future reference.

Macau, also commonly known as “Las Vegas of Asia” due to its many giant casinos, is one of the two special administrative regions (SAR) of China, the other being Hong Kong. These two regions are very accessible from one another by land, air, or ferry (TIP: take the ferry as it’s the most common way to get to Macau from Hong Kong).

Even though it’s technically a part of China, you will be amazed by the diverse cultures in Macau. It’s a Portuguese territory until 1999, thus many things like their cuisine and architecture reflect it.

Macau in 24 Hours Itinerary
Macau in 24 hours or less is possible!

It’s an incredible place to visit and worth the trip even if you are only spending less than a day. I have been to Macau twice already. On my first trip there, I spent 4 days. Then on my latest Macau trip back in July 2019, I was only there for less than 24 hours (I added it to my Hong Kong trip on a whim just cos I wanted to revisit Macau).

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Traveling to Macau doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, there are a lot of cheap and free things you can do! Are you excited to find out what you can do in Macau in 24 hours? Let’s get started!

Trip Planning Tips

Cheap & Free Things To Do in Macau in 24 Hours

Trip Planning Tip 1

Stroll around Senado Square

Macau Itinerary Senado Square
Start your ‘Macau in 24 hours adventure’ in Senado Square!

Macau’s town square called Senado Square is a popular venue for public events and celebrations. It’s part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site.

Macau in 24 Hours Senado Square Macau
Have fun discovering Macau in 24 hours

Since Macau was one of the former colonies of Portugal it’s just natural to see some Portuguese traces. One of those is the Portuguese-style mosaic flooring in Senado Square.

It is also surrounded by beautiful pastel-colored buildings that are neoclassical in style.

You’re FREE to roam around Senado Square and it’s the best place to people watch and to appreciate the interesting “east meets west” atmosphere that Macau has to offer.

📍 Looking for directions to Senado Square? Open Google Maps

Trip Planning Tip 2

Try Portuguese egg tarts

Macau in 24 Hours Egg Tarts
Enjoy your ‘Macau in 24 hours’ escapade with yummy egg tarts!

Don’t miss out on this must-try food in Macau! Many shops sell egg tarts so they’re not really hard to find – what is hard though is to stop eating them. They’re insanely delicious and I think I finished three (or four? Who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️ LOL!) all by myself!

So it was like – Ohh egg tarts, I’ll order. *walks around* Ohh another egg tart seller… lemme get one. And the cycle continues. HAHA! Just typing this makes me crave their flaky pastry crusts and mouthwatering egg custard centers topped with burnt creme brulee. YUM!

Try to find a branch of Lord Stow’s Bakery – they’re said to be the pioneer of Portuguese egg tarts in Macau. Margaret Cafe é Nata and Koi Kei Bakery are also two famous egg tart shops in Macau.

Price of egg tarts in Macau is approximately MOP 9 (PHP 54) per piece.

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