Hey guys! Hello from 2019! I just recently revamped my blog and I thought why not also refresh the content of this blog post! So here you go, an intro of some sort to this Manila lifestyle blogger behind the Hazy Wanders blog – me!

I really don’t know what to put here but I did some research and learned that you should not delete an old post out of whim. Well, this is one of my first few posts back in the days (if you can see it’s dated March 14, 2011) and the original content was lackluster. I didn’t know any better about SEO then. Fast-forward to today and my career in digital marketing made me understood the wonders of SEO. It also makes me crayyyy cray because now I realized I have tons of work to do in order to make my own blog SEO-friendly.

Okay, enough about SEO and on to repurposing this blog post. So you might be wondering…

Who is this Manila lifestyle blogger?

Well, hello, I’m Hazel, the Manila lifestyle blogger of Hazy Wanders (formerly known as Dress Me Up Buttercup). Nice to e-meet you! I’ve been blogging ever since blogging was not yet really a big thing. You can call me a geek/nerd but I love tinkering with websites and HTML coding. I think I was in grade 6 when I first published a website for fun (it was in Geocities and all it contained were photos of my grade school barkada hahaha). Then I moved to countless platforms like Xanga, Livejournal, Blogger, Tumblr and now to WordPress!

I used to spend hours in front of my computer learning about coding, templates, editing photos through Adobe Photoshop, and that eventually led me to choose a computer-related course in college. But it was only short-lived. I realized after 2 terms that although HTML could be fun, its distant cousins JavaScript, PHP, SQL and the likes, are hell for me. I’m no programmer, after all! So I shifted to a business course and majored in Marketing. I’m happy I’m able to apply my blogging knowledge in my digital marketing career.

Why do I maintain a lifestyle blog?

It’s my creative outlet. I enjoy sharing random things I find interesting. I mostly write about things I’m passionate about – beauty, fashion, travel, food, etc. In hopes that people will find my content interesting and valuable too. I like helping people, even if it’s just by sharing my own experiences, product reviews, beauty hacks, travel tips and whatnot. Also, I’m quite the shy type so I know for sure that vlogging is not for me. I’m more comfortable writing my thoughts.

Besides, blogging is sort of therapeutic for me too. I guess that’s the reason why I decided to maintain this blog after all these years. I know I’ve had my glory days – wherein brands and collabs and event invites would pour in my inbox – but right now I’m more than content just sharing and creating things on my own.

I must admit getting PR kits and freebies from brands and getting exclusive invites to product launches sure were some of the benefits/perks of being a blogger, but it should not be your only motivation. You’re set to be doomed if that’s your mindset for being a Manila lifestyle blogger in the Philippines.

What’s my handwriting like?

Weird right! But this is part of the original content so I’m retaining it. I got tagged by Irene of thegreenhairclip. I have to answer a few questions using my own handwriting. Just a quick flashback, my classmates used to tell me that I have neat and pretty handwriting. I don’t know if it was just their polite way of asking my complete notes back then. Yezz, I take note-writing seriously because I was a dorky-dork kid like that! Haha but I feel flattered anyhow (or more like gullible?). 😅 Ooh, and for this tag… I especially took the time to find my stash of Hello Kitty stationery… time to put them into good use. Enjoy! 🤗

Manila Lifestyle Blogger Dress Me Up Buttercup

It also says tag 3-5 people. I used to tag my online friends Burningskies, Ellen, Aya, Ishna, and Sweet, but feel free to do this too and let me know if you did it. I would like to see your handwriting too! 😉

So I guess that’s it! That’s a little info about me. Hope to see you around my blog next time.

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A digital marketer, wanderlust, skincare junkie, and foodie all rolled into one. This Aries girl has been rockin’ the world since ’89. Lately, her idea of fun consists of an early night in and Netflix and chill with a face mask on. ‘Cos why not? Adulting can be tough.

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