I got these Mary Kay Compact Mini products from my sister a couple of months ago. To tell you the truth, I do not know much about Mary Kay aside from the fact that it is an internationally known US direct selling beauty and cosmetics brand (like Avon). So now I am excited to share what I think about it. 🙂

So as you can see from the picture above, my sister was very generous with her gift to me. She included 3 mineral eyeshadows, a bronzing powder, applicators and brush in this Mary Kay Compact Mini package. These are all sold separately. I will include the prices below.

Mary Kay Compact Mini Eyeshadows

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

Yay for mineral eyeshadows! I have been meaning to buy more mineral makeup, so this is a welcome addition. This shade called Honey Spice (Php 330) is the one I am fond of using among the 3 shades I got.

It easily brightens up my eyes especially if I just want a neutral, no-fuss look. It has this golden tan shade that I absolutely love – shimmering glittering splendid is the peg!

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

Next one is a shade called Sweet Plum (Php 330) which I hardly use. I think I only used it twice when I went to a party. Any suggestions which shade this goes perfectly with? I cannot seem to find a color to blend this with. If I apply it on its own I look like a girl trapped in the 70’s (no joke!) hahaha.

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

Last eyeshadow is this beautiful Amber Blaze (Php 330). Now that I got tanned over the summer, I cannot get enough of this copper shade! I also sometimes blend it with the Honey Spice, and together they make a great lethal combination! Seriously.

Mary Kay Compact Mini Bronzer

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

My first ever legit bronzer (having two sisters sometimes gets me away with borrowing their makeup haha I am such a freeloader, I know). This one is called Desert Sun mineral bronzing powder (Php 700). Anyway, I love how it gives me that sun-kissed glow perfect for this summer. It is great for contouring the face as well. It is shimmery but I do not think it is pigmented enough for me.

Mary Kay Compact Mini Case

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

I said previously that everything is sold separately – and so does this unfilled Compact Mini too (Php 595)! Insane price I know for just the case alone!

But I think this will go a long way with me because:

  1. It is very compact and convenient to bring.
  2. It has room for brushes and applicators underneath.
  3. Even after my eyeshadows and bronzer hit the bottom of the pan, I can easily remove and replace them. It features an innovative and easy to use magnetic-refill system.

Ahhh-mazing! Now I have less makeup cases to dispose!

Mary Kay Compact Mini Brushes

Mary Kay Compact Mini Product Review

Compact cheek brush (Php 80) and eye applicators (Php 50). Feel ko tinipid na ako ng sister ko kasi hindi na yung compact powder brush (Php 150) yung binili nya! HAHA kidding! I think it is an honest mistake on her part. But whatever, who says you cannot use a cheek brush for your bronzing powder?

Mary Kay Compact Mini Makeup Package

Mary Kay Compact Mini

And so this is the final product once you assembled everything. Sleek and very pretty, isn’t it? I am eyeing on other Mary Kay eyeshadow colors to buy once these 3 hit pan bottom already. I really love the magnetic refill system because it gives you the freedom to mix and match the colors and products you want. You can make it all eyeshadows only, or add a cheek color, or highlighting powder, etc.

If you add everything, the grand sum is Php 2,415. Yes, a bit steep (especially since one eyeshadow that costs Php 330 consists only 1.4 g of product). I do not know any Mary Kay dealer so maybe if you know someone, they can offer you big discounts. The prices stated above are the ones published in their website.

Check their website for the complete list of products – http://www.marykay.com.ph

I also have the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, and will share about it next time!

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