CHUBBY FACE ALERT! HAHAHAHA! Okay, I am not sure why I am even posting this shocking before and after picture of myself. But I must admit I am quite surprised to see some changes!

What do you think of my before and after picture?

Check Out My Shocking Before and After Picture!

Look at my chubby round face! The picture on the left was taken a month ago. Excuse my haggard face because I just came from work that time. And the picture on the right side was taken just last night. Makeup free cos I was about to sleep already.

I placed them side by side using an app in my iPhone. And wow, I cannot believe with what I saw! My face is no longer super round! I know my friends and family keep on telling me I look slim already, but I never really absorbed that thought until now.

Ohh and by the way, I had my official weigh-in yesterday at SureSlim Wellness Centre! I am happy to say I lost additional 1.32 pounds this week.

Now on my 8th week, I shed off a total of 12.21 pounds already! Without even the need for exercise at that! I am now a firm believer that it all boils down with the food we take – kung workout ka nang workout, mali naman yung mga food na kinakain mo, it means nothing in the end.

And with SureSlim, they address that problem and correct your metabolism by providing individualized food selection list and menu planner. It was my best decision ever to enroll in the program late last year so I can finally cross out that “to become sexy” in my new year’s resolution list.

Will keep everyone updated on my progress and share more before and after pictures. You can also read my other weight loss journey posts here and here. Till my next post!

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