My friends and I had an interesting lunch break conversation a few days ago. It revolved around 1) social climbers, 2) expensive vs. cheap products, 3) those who belittle or look down upon people who buys at Divisoria, Greenhills and ukay-ukay, 4) and those who think just because the clothes they are wearing are all branded they will instantly look good.

Engk. Wrong. Confidence cannot be bought, darlings. I thought it is nice to share my few cents on it here on my blog too about the topic on social climbers.

My Thoughts On Social Climbers

My Thoughts On Social Climbers

  1. Those who buy fakes and tell others it’s the real thing! If you’re doing so just to be “in” or be accepted by your peers, then let me tell you this… you’re being just as fake as your newly GH-bought LV tote bag.
  2. Flaunt it if you have it and goddarn do so if you worked your ass off and paid for that, but to consistently shove down people’s throat about how lavish and luxurious your goods are, well that’s a turnoff. “Ohh wait I’ll just check the time with my Rolex watch” or “I left my Prada bag in my Porche along with my Chanel wallet.” Get the drift? Believe me these people exist. They will namedrop designer labels every chance they get. Ugh. Get. A. Life.
  3. What is wrong with department store buys? Or if your paycheck or allowance can only afford you GH/Divisoria/ukay ukay items? What matters most is how you carry yourself wearing those clothing, branded or unbranded, cheap or not. Remember, you don’t always have to spend a million dollar bucks to look and feel like a millionaire. It’s all in how you project yourself, really.
  4. I’m sure by now you’re all familiar with the exposé on Bryanboy and his ridiculously lavish lifestyle. But at what expense? His family cannot even eat a proper meal a day. It all boils down to this – if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.
  5. In my previous job we were entitled employees discounts and ohmygosh… I once scored a 40k skirt down to just 400 pesos! It got me thinking how much that piece of clothing really is? And who on earth would buy that at the original price? So really, if you think about it, sometimes it’s just the glorious brand name we’re paying for. And for all we know all things are just sourced from the same place and the price could double or triple or quadruple just cos of the brand attached to it.

There you have it. Care to share your own thoughts about social climbers?

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