Though this is not really a fitness blog, I just want to share my weight loss story here, hoping I could inspire others as well. Read on to find out how I lost 20 pounds in just 3 months!

I am not exactly overweight (just slightly leaning to that!) but I really felt that I need to address my problem before it escalates further to health-related ones.

I started gaining so much after college probably due to stress eating and lack of will to exercise and err, happy hour-ing (bad, hazel, bad). I can eat a whole cake and a box of pizza and all sorts of other junk food all by myself – yes, pig out kung pig out!

My self-esteem went straight out of the window especially when my brother would tease me or call me names, and when my father would point out I was becoming fat already. I know my family only has my best interests at heart and maybe that is tough love.

After all who would tell you those harsh truths if not them, right? It is up to you if you will allow yourself locked in that pit hole or do something about it.

I tried crash dieting and going to the gym, which helped me with my weight lose but only temporarily. So I searched for other ways and discovered SureSlim – a medically-based weight loss program that targets and corrects your metabolism for permanent weight control. What strikes me the most with this program is the “metabolism” part.

Their tagline goes “It’s not you, it’s your metabolism.” I did not know such program for correcting metabolism exists! I also liked that it’s medically supervised so I am assured I’m in good hands (there is a weekly weigh-in at their head office so you will know your progress).

SureSlim originated in South Africa and have branches in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., and the Philippines branch is the first here in Asia.

I enrolled for the 3-month quick loss program back in November 26, 2012. And here is what I look like before, drum roll please!

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey For 3 Months

Chubby girl. Round face, round body at 64 kg. HAHA! 🙁

Weight Loss Journey For 3 Months

Just 2 months into the program, I already reached my goal weight (based on my BMI) which is 57 kg. That is 15.4 pounds off my body! I never lose that much, ever!

And you know what I just did? Follow the individualized meal plan with the correct portion / weight (no calorie counting here) that was given to me.

Yes, all I did is eat. In SureSlim, they treat food as medicine. No pills, no injection. Regular grocery / wet market food is all you need for this weight loss journey

Weight Loss Journey For 3 Months

And here is my recent photo taken just last week. I am already in the Maintenance / Lifestyle program wherein all the bad food removed for the duration of my 3-month quick loss program can be eaten again, and I no longer have to weigh my food.

I am still losing weight even after officially finishing the 3-month quick loss program last Feb 26 – proof that my metabolism has been corrected already.

In fact I weighed myself earlier today and I found out I am down to 54.75 kg. That is roughly equivalent to 120 pounds. It is my weight back in college. I cannot believe I attained it again in just 3 months!

Now that I have reached my goal weight I wanted a toner body naman which is why I also started going to the gym regularly in Slimmers World. But in all honesty, I am happy with my current weight and none of this would have happened without SureSlim. 

You know me, when I see something effective I really praise it for the whole wide world to know. Probably my friends had enough of it and heard enough from me and my weight loss story already. Lol!

Check SureSlim via their website at They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

How about you? What are you doing to effectively lose the unwanted pounds? Share your weight loss journey, too! 

**UPDATE (11/25/13)**

Weight Loss Journey For 3 Months

I weighed myself the other day and I am down to 116 pounds! But the holiday is coming up, so I am screwed, hahaha! **END OF UPDATE**

UPDATE as of 2019: SureSlim is no longer available in the Philippines. 

Disclosure: This is not a paid/sponsored post. I personally enrolled for my program.

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