This entry is way long overdue. Kats of asked me to do a review of the Nichido Cheek Mousse, which I showed on my Watsons haul.

Naturally, I got excited when I saw someone requested that I do a review. It gives my blog entry a purpose of some sort. HAHA But then again, I’m no make-up expert so I kind of put this entry on hold. Bear with me ladies as I’ll try my best to share my honest opinions in the best way I can.

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

So this is how it looks like. Small and handy.

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

I believe there are 3 shades of this thing. I got the Plum Brulee as it blended with my skin tone better. And I don’t like hot pink color on my cheeks.

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

The important part: swatching (taken without flash). It’s very pigmented and glittery. Dab just about 3 times already gives you a nice finish.

Nichido Cheek Mousse Product Review And Swatch

On my face: Maybelline BB Cream, Faceshop lipgloss, and Nichido Cheek Mousse.


– Inexpensive (regular price of Php168 but I got it for 50% off).
– Glass container doesn’t look cheap at all.
– I like the color. Not so pinkish and gives just about the right oomph to my rather boring and pale face.
– Rich, cream-like consistency.
– Smooth and easy to apply, you don’t need a brush / sponge.


– Mousse or cream, as opposed to loose blush powder, makes it unhygienic to apply. You have to dip your finger into the pot.
– Easily rubbed off (doesn’t last long in my face… a good 3 to 5 hours max)

Although this is not a popular brand for cheek mousse, I think it’s still good for daily use as the quality is good. Get the Plum Brulee shade if you want to achieve that mature-ish, grown-up look. This is best for less oily types to avoid rubbing off and reapplying.

Will I repurchase? Maybe. But as of now, I still have my Maybelline blush to finish (Though they test on animals, I still opted to finish Maybelline. Check my entry here to get what i mean).

Available at Watsons.  

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