Malacañang announced last Friday, October 16, that the non-essential outbound travel ban will be lifted starting October 21, 2020. So this means Filipinos can now travel overseas again.

But before packing your bag and heading to the airport, here’s what you need to know!

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non-essential outbound travel ban lifted for Filipinos

Non-essential outbound travel requirements for Filipinos

It will not be easy as the new normal will require Filipinos traveling on tourist visas to present the following:

  • Submission of confirmed roundtrip tickets
  • Travel and health insurance to cover travel disruptions and hospitalization in case of COVID-19 infection during their allowable period of stay abroad
  • A negative antigen test result that has been taken within 24 hours before departure (subject to the Department of Health guidelines)
  • Execution of an immigration declaration acknowledging the risks involved in traveling (to be provided at the check-in counters by the airlines)

After their non-essential outbound travel, returning Filipinos shall likewise follow the guidelines set by the National Task Force (NTF) against COVID-19. This protocol includes undergoing a swab test and the mandatory 14-day quarantine until they test negative for COVID-19.

But the million-dollar question is…

Is it safe to travel now in this time of pandemic?

Of course, it doesn’t come without COVID-19 risks. Like potentially getting the virus while traveling. Or you yourself could potentially be the carrier of the virus without you knowing (no symptoms) and passing it around as you travel.

So definitely travel at your own risk.

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Where can Filipinos travel overseas now?

If you’re decided that you want to travel overseas once the non-essential outbound travel ban has been lifted, here are some countries that are currently allowing Philippine passport holders as of October 11.

non-essential outbound travel ban lifted for Filipinos 2020
Non-essential outbound travel ban lifted starting October 21

Some of the countries that Filipinos can visit once the travel ban has been lifted on October 21:

NOTE: Subject to flight availability and other special arrangements/commercial flights and subject to the destination country’s medical protocols on arriving and departing international passengers.

Here are some of the countries that Filipinos still cannot visit for leisure travel (haven’t lifted border restrictions yet): Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

See the complete list from DFA here. Regularly check for updates regarding public and travel advisories on COVID-19.

Local destinations you can visit now

I personally think that local travel is the best way to go if you’re itching to travel. Especially now that the Philippine government eases restrictions on domestic travels. This means that travel between areas under general community quarantine and modified community quarantine is now allowed.

It’s highly recommended that travelers must check first the local government units of their destination to ensure there are no restrictions. Travelers should also strictly follow safety protocols set by the local government units.

Filipinos residing in Metro Manila can now visit the following local destinations:

  • Boracay
  • Tagaytay
  • Baguio City (starting October 22)
  • Ilocos Norte (starting October 15)
  • Bataan
  • Bulacan
  • Clark
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Pampanga
  • Subic

See the complete list and other Philippines travel advisory here.

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As non-essential outbound travel for Filipinos will soon resume, let’s not forget to support local tourism. If you decide to travel domestically, you’ll be able to help local resort owners, establishments, vendors, drivers, tourist guides, and more!

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non-essential outbound travel lifted for filipinos
Non-essential Outbound Travel Ban For Filipinos Lifted
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What do you think now that non-essential outbound travel is allowed again? Hooray or nay? Will you take the risk and travel abroad? The wanderlust in us is definitely calling for an adventure after months of lockdown, but is it truly safe to travel again now? Have you traveled domestically recently?

Keep safe and healthy, everyone! As always, please wear a mask and practice social distancing when you’re out and about.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. It will help people especially those who are planning to travel abroad and locally. But as much as possible, if not necessary stay at home na lang. Praying for this pandemic to end so we can back to normal.

  2. Sobrang gaganda ng mga lugar, and true ang sarap maExperience na mapuntahan, but for now siguraduhin muna talaga na Safe na ang lahat. 🙏🙏💕💕 thanks for sharing this ate Hazel

  3. Niyayaya ko si boyfriend mag-out of town trip pero nung nagsend ng mga requirements yung place na dapat pupuntahan namin, sobrang hassle. Di na muna namin tinuloy. Siguro after na lang talaga ng pandemic magta-travel. Mas nakakatakot kapag lalabas ka pa ng bansa ngayon, maliban na lang kung kailangan na talaga

  4. There are two places where I know I will be going once this is approved- if only I didn’t have kids hehehe. One is local travel, of course… Another is Australia for sure to visit family. I would suggest that if ever one would think of traveling, much better to do it locally so that we can also help our economy in the process.

    And really, with all the hassles of getting your travel pass and swab test that can take from 4,000 Php to 14,000 Php depending on where you do it, I think it is better to save up for a bonggang travel getaway once everything settles down some more. 🙂

  5. As great as this news is for some people, it’s kinda of more scary now because it’s still not safe. I hate the the government wasted all of those months that we were under quarantine going about other businesses instead on focusing on the fight with the virus. Anyways, our safety is in our own hands now and we just have to be extra careful when traveling. Ingat!

  6. I’m not sure about how to feel about this news. Prior to the lockdown, we were already checking out hotels and flights to bring the kids to Malaysia/SG. But now, it seems harder to travel with the kids because of the restrictions. I get it, I do, but you know….what a bummer.

    Ano yung antigen test? Is that like the rapid test?

  7. at your own risk din talaga ano? pero pag may kid at senior di pa din pwedE? unless essential or reuniting families na travel ano? im still hesitant pa, ang laki din kasi ng gastos mo so malaking chunk din na sana eh pocket money mo eh napupuntalang sa testing and stuf.. stay home na lang muna on my end..

  8. Hala, for real? Ilocos Norte? Been planning to visit before the lockdown. Kaso yun nga, is it worth the risk? Maybe, wait ko pa ng konti if mas magiging okay? Pero hindi ko sure if magiging okay pa at this point of time. Have a safe trip, everyone!

  9. It’s such a great news that the tourism has slowly getting backup kasi it’s one of the most affected din sa pandemic. Gusto ko na talaga mag local/international travel. Kung ako lang, I would risk it. Pero yung bahay kasi na inuuwian after travel lalo pa’t may kasamang high risk. Nakakatakot parin. As of now, just really busy getting healthy para daming energy pag maka travel na! 😁

  10. Kapag may vaccine na at wala na ang hassle to provide additional travel documents, then maybe I’ll go back in the Philippines. I-push na yang vaccine asap!

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